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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 441

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Chapter 441

Looking at them, Maisie could more or less guess what had happened, but she did not ask anything.

Erwin turned his head, put his hand on her shoulders, and said, “Khan and I still have something to
attend to. so Zee, you can go back first.”

Maisie nodded and saw them away.

At the same time, Cherie rushed up to her and said while huffing heavily, “Mrs. Goldmann, so you’re

I thought you had gone somewhere.”

“What’s wrong? Cherie took a few seconds to calm herself down before saying rapidly, “Mr. Goldmann
isn’t doing very well now, and Elder Master Goldmann wants to see you.”

Maisie hastily followed Cherie to the room. Inside the room, other than Quincy and Titus, she did not
know the rest of the people. She reckoned that they must be the members of the Night Banquet.

Nolan was lying on the bed. His face was pale, and his forehead was filled with sweat. A specialist
Titus had hired was checking his body temperature. After getting his body temperature, he turned and
asked Quincy, “When did Mr. Goldmann start to have a low fever?” Dumbfounded, Quincy replied, “Mr.
Goldmann was

looking a little bit under the weather when he came back this morning.”

Maisie was stunned. ‘This morning? Could it be that he started to have a low fever last night? Titus
turned his head around and stared at Maisie.” Nolan was at your place last night. How did you take
care of him? Why didn’t you notice that he had a low fever?”

“…” Maisie’s lips were trembling slightly, and she did not know what to say. She was the one who had
asked Nolan to stay with her last night. She had not dared to get close to him since he had wounds on
his body. Besides, he had not told her that he was not feeling well when he woke up this morning

The rest of the men turned their heads and looked at her. They could more or less guess who she was,
but they were interested in her since this was the first time they met her.

Titus hissed exasperatedly after he heard what she said, “Nolan hasn’t been having a peaceful day
since he started a relationship with you. Sooner or later, you’ll get him killed!”

The atmosphere in the room became tense.

The way the group of men looked at Maisie changed when they heard what Titus said. For them, Nolan
was the successor of the Night Banquet, and as his wife, she must not be too weak.

After Nolan had come to Stoslo, he had gotten shot, and now he fell sick. He had been with Maisie last
night, and Titus had been nurturing a grudge against Maisie after Nolan was shot. Therefore, he
pushed all the blame to her right now. Maisie felt suffocated and had a hard time breathing after what
Titus said. It seemed to her that he made her the villain of everything because she was related to the
de Arma family.

The specialist gave Nolan some medicine, and then he went out to talk to Titus. Maisie stayed in the
room and stood by the window. She looked at Nolan, whose face was pale from his illness, and felt a
tug at her heart.

It was all her fault.

Cherie walked up to her and comforted, “Mrs. Goldmann, please don’t feel bad about yourself. Elder
Master Goldmann didn’t really mean it. He’s just too angry, so don’t take everything he said to your

Maisie forced a bitter smile on her face and said, “I know. But it’s really my fault for not taking good
care of him.”

Nolan only woke up in the afternoon.

His heart trembled when he saw Maisie was sleeping beside his bed. He stretched his arms to stroke
her face.

When Maisie felt someone was touching her face, she lifted her head up and met Nolan’s glance.
“You’re awake?”

Nolan nodded. He suddenly felt itchiness in his throat and turned around to cough.

“I’ll get you water.” Maisie stood up and walked away. Soon, she came back with a cup of water.

Nolan took the cup and drank it. After he felt better, he asked, “Have you been here the whole time?”

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