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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 447

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Chapter 447

Nolan moved the ashtray aside and tapped the table with his fingertips. “Does Hernandez know about

He was referring to what had happened to Maisie in Stoslo.

Quincy paused for a split second and then replied, “I think Hernandez should know.”

Maisie was soon taken to the Lucases, and she somehow managed to guess why Hernandez was
looking for her.

Larissa led her to the study, where Hernandez was standing in front of the window with his hands
behind his back. He then asked without even looking back, “Were you and Nolan attacked in Stoslo?”

Maisie gave off a faint smile. “Your information seems to travel at lightspeed.”

“Heh, Stoslo is a territory under my watch, anyway. They reported the news to me right after they
received the news. It seems that those people can’t hold back anymore.”

Hernandez turned around calmly, and his gaze landed on Maisie. “I’m correct, after all. Although I won’t
use you to deal with the Goldmanns since you and Nolan

are together, the other party won’t be as soft-hearted a

Maisie stepped forward. “Sir Hernandez, have you ever thought that you might have been misled about
the matter between the Goldmanns and the de


Hernandez’s expression looked stern and displeased.” Are you still going to explain for the
Goldmanns?” Maisie knew that mentioning the Goldmanns would make Hernandez unhappy, but she
had always wanted to ask so that she could get all the details sorted out. “Okay, then I’ll ask you
directly, does the kidnapping of Nolan’s mother from 15 years ago have anything to do with you?”

Hernandez snorted. “Don’t the Goldmanns say it’s me? What else do you need me to explain?”

Maisie had her expectations fulfilled. “So it was not you, right?” Hernandez responded indifferently,
“Even if it’s not me, it’s impossible for the grievances between the Goldmanns and the de Armas to end
just like this.”

Maisie remained silent.

As expected, he knows what happened 15 years ago, but he doesn’t even want to explain himself
when the Goldmanns suspect that it’s him. All this was just because of his hatred for the Goldmanns,
so what the Goldmanns say has nothing to do with him.

‘So whether that incident had happened or not, he would still hate the Goldmanns. But at least I now
know that it has nothing to do with the de Armas.

Maisie lowered her gaze and smiled. “Glad to know that it wasn’t you.”

Hernandez paused for a short while, and his expression turned serious. “I advise you to leave the
Goldmanns. Now that those people already know that you’re Nolan’s wife, they won’t let you go this

“I won’t leave him. I wouldn’t be able to stand here in front of you now if Nolan hadn’t protected me at
the time.” Maisie shook her head. ‘I won’t leave no matter who tries to persuade me, not even if Nolan
wants to divorce me.’


“Grandpa, this is the first time I’ve called you this.”

Larissa was stunned, and even Hernandez was surprised because it was the first time Maisie was
willing to call her grandfather in such a long time.

Maisie’s attitude was not as rigid as before too. “I know you hate the Goldmanns, but maybe some of
the incidents really have nothing to do with the Goldmanns-”

“They have nothing to do with some of the incidents?” Hernandez slammed the desk and questioned
her loudly, “Then did I lose a leg for nothing?”

“Nolan’s great-grandfather should have amputated one of your legs when he was holding you hostage
if he really wanted to do so. Thus, why bother to let you go and then do it after that?” Maisie retorted

‘From what Uncle Erwin told me, I could see that Nolan’s great-grandfather wouldn’t kill innocent
people indiscriminately, let alone a child.

Hernandez frowned. “Who told you this, Nolan?”

“No,” Maisie replied, “It’s Uncle Erwin. He just happens to know something too.” “Who did you just say?
Erwin!?” Hernandez was obviously shocked. “How did you get to know him?”

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