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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 449

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Chapter 449

The grip formed by Maisie’s intertwined fingers tightened as she turned to look at Nolan, who was
absent-minded at the moment. “How do you plan to explain to the children that we’re going through a
divorce?” Nolan’s body froze slightly, and his gaze dimmed.” We’ll talk about it when the time comes.”

‘Even if the kids were to hate me or blame me.’ Maisie stared at him for a while and then slowed down
her speech rate. “Is there no other way out of this?”

“Must we get a divorce?” He did not say anything.

Maisie clenched her hands into fists. “At least, let me know the reason behind you wanting a divorce.”

Nolan frowned and said impatiently, “I’ve told you everything that I need to say.” ‘Sure enough, I can’t
get an answer from him.’.

Maisie scoffed mockingly.

‘Since he wants to divorce me but has refused to give me a reason, then I won’t agree to the divorce.’

Nolan caught a glimpse of the disappointment on her face, and the hidden emotions that emerged from

depths of his eyes made him stiffen his face.

‘She must be hurting deep down.

‘But I’m hurting too.’

The three children were all overjoyed, knowing that their parents were back. Maybe because it had
been a long time, the three children were more attached to Maisie.

Daisie sat in Maisie’s arms and said with her pretty and moist eyes, “Mommy, Mommy, can we go to
Grandpa’s place to see Reddy? We really want to see Reddy!”

Colton was eating potato chips. “Well, I really want to eat Grandpa’s banana loaf.”

Wayion closed the book that he was reading and glanced at him. “You only know what and how to eat.”

Colton then replied, “Wayion, it’s a blessing to be able to eat!”

Maisie looked at them helplessly. “Okay, then Mommy will take you to Grandpa’s place tomorrow.”
“Mommy, aren’t you busy?” Wayion asked.

Maisie was astonished and just so happened to meet Nolan’s gaze, so she shifted her gaze away and
looked at Wayion. “I’m not busy lately. I have Uncle Kennedy to help me at the company.”

“Then is Daddy busy?” Daisie turned to look at Nolan.

Nolan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he opened his

thin lips. “I’m not busy either.”

Maisie only took a glance at him.

‘If he wants to spend more time with the kids too, can I make him give up the idea of divorce during this

The children had been showing more willingness to go back to the Goldmann mansion ever since
Rowena was chased away from the Goldmann mansion, and this was the first time Maisie stayed there
after quite a long time.

In the evening, Maisie laid down on the bed, using her cell phone to search for a solution to coax Nolan
from the idea of asking for a divorce on the Internet.

Netizen 1: If he’s asking for a divorce, it means that he doesn’t love you anymore, so it’s useless to
coax him now.

Netizen 2: Why would you coax him? Do you plan to lick his boots next? What you need to do now is to
kick him out of your life. It’s better to find yourself another husband.

Netizen 3: If your husband is asking you for a divorce, it’s probably because he’s started to think that
you’re unattractive, or he’s keeping a homewrecker’s existence a secret. Thus, you should be careful of

Maisie lay on the bed in despair. ‘Instead of Nolan having a homewrecker out there, I’d rather believe
that it’s me. I might have become

unattractive to Nolan!

Thinking of how indifferent he was while they were at the office, she was a little discouraged.

Nolan opened the door, walked into the room, saw Maisie lying on the bed scrolling through her phone,
and his expression stiffened.

The silk nightdress that she was wearing looked extremely thin-it fit her perfectly and accentuated her
exquisite figure. Her long, curly hair was scattered on her left side, while her right shoulder strap had
slipped off of her shoulder and was hanging on her upper arm. She also lifted her calves and swayed
them from side to side subtly.

Nolan could feel his blood surging and boiling just because of the scene and the inadvertent action of
her tucking her hair behind her ear

Nolan looked away stiffly, and only then did Maisie realize that someone was standing beside the bed,
which caused her to put her phone down in shock.” Since when did you come in?”

‘He shouldn’t have seen it, right?’

Nolan did not answer her but turned around. “I’m going to take a bath.”

He then walked toward the bathroom.

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