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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 459

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Chapter 459

“Back then, the Kents were still my allies. They gave me a vial and told me that it was a vaccine that
could resist the virus infection. So because I trusted in the Kents and how much I worried about my
daughter’s wellbeing, I bought it with a lot of money. I then injected the vaccine into my daughter.”

Hernandez clenched his fists and gnashed his teeth. “I didn’t expect my daughter to be still infected by
the virus. It’s no wonder she would suddenly leave the de Armas a year later and travel to Morwich with
Strix. Those people actually lied to me for decades!

“As for that vial, it was not the vaccine at all but a prototype of the virus, and they lied to me so that I
would use my daughter for the experiment!”

The atmosphere in the office remained silent for a moment while Nolan poured himself a cup of tea and
then asked slowly, “Is the virus part of their experiment?”

‘Erwin told me in Stoslo that my infection is only the first step.

Hernandez’s emotional breakdown was caused upon learning the truth behind his daughter’s infection
even after being vaccinated.

Thus, he did not plan to hide it anymore. “Regarding the incident that involved the eldest princess, the

reason my father chose to withdraw the de Armas from the disputes within the royal family was actually
not all because of the incident where Patrick Goldmann held me hostage.

“Patrick Goldmann held me hostage to force my father into taking a step backward. I then lost a leg and
found out that my father’s death was related to

Patrick Goldmann. All these had caused me to hate Patrick Goldmann and the Goldmanns. I admit that
I was blinded by hatred, so I listened to them

“My father had always been aware of what experiments those leftists were running, but he had always
thought those experiments were carried out to invent vaccines to cure the virus.

“My father used to lock himself in his room for a whole week after the outbreak 30 years ago. He was
extremely depressed the last time I saw him. And the last thing that he said to me was not to follow in
his footsteps. I didn’t understand what he meant at that time, but then I never heard from him until the
day I was informed of the cause of his death, I was very angry.”

Hernandez took a deep breath. He had reflected on it for a few days and thought carefully about what
his father had said back then and how the vaccine these people had given to him turned out to be the
virus itself. He finally understood everything.

“Patrick Goldmann did almost die at my father’s hands back then, but come to think about it, given his
skills, my father shouldn’t even be able to hurt him at all. However, my father managed to injure him
severely as if it was a piece of cake. It’s obvious that he was no longer in his prime at that time,

“After my father died, they told me that Patrick Goldmann was the one who killed him. I was young and
impulsive back then, so all i wanted was to seek revenge on Patrick Goldmann, but he didn’t get to live
long later on…”

Nolan’s eyes turned gloomy.

I’ve had the chance to experience my greatgrandfather’s skills through my grandfather because my
great-grandfather was the one who taught him all those skills.’

“My grandfather got infected too.” He understood one thing immediately and asked, “What kind of
experiment is that?”

Hernandez closed his eyes for a while before answering his question with a distressed expression,”
You should know what all the wealthy people in the world are afraid of, right?”

Nolan pursed his lips tightly.

He then added, “They’re afraid of the sufferings that they’ll get from aging, illnesses, and death, which,
according to the law of nature, are inevitable stages of life. No medicine in this world could bless any
human with immortality. Yet, they were willing to try it as long as it could relieve the suffering they would

from illnesses or even prevent cancer.

“The same applies to the royals 100, so they want to invent an antibody. That’s how they started to
illegally develop a virus that could change one’s genetic constitution. They then injected the virus into
humans and injected the vaccine into them later on, but all the trials failed, which led to the major
outbreak from 30 years ago. That was how the panic caused by the epidemic led to the failure of the
princess, causing her to lose the people’s trust and support. Hence, she fell into their trap later on.”

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