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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 458

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Chapter 458

Nolan placed the tablet downl, opened the drawer and looked at the divorce papers

There was a knock on the door Nolan closed the drawer as Quincy walked in “Sir, Mi Hernandez de
Armas wishes to meet you

Nolan paused, lowered his gaze, and said nonchalantly, “let him in

Quincy went out to report for a short moment before Hernandez entered the office and sal on the couch
by himself

Nolan got up and walked to the couch while Quincy poured some lea and then exited the room and
closed the door

“Mr. de Armas, is there anything that requires my attention?”

Hernandez raised his head, took a glance at him, and said with a lukewarm tone, “Yes.”

Hemandez continued coldly after Nolan sat down. “I know what happened to you and Maisie in Stoslo,
and I can understand what Maisie told me the other day now.”

Nolan frowned. “What did Zee tell you?”

Hernandez looked calmly and straight at him, his expression one of disapproval. “You should be

thankful that my granddaughter has a thing for you. I once asked her to leave you, and I also reminded
her that if she were to insist that she wants to stay with you, she would run into some life-threatening
incidents sooner or later because of your identity. Even if I don’t use her to deal with the Goldmanns,
those people won’t necessarily do the same.”

Nolan’s lips were tightly pursed, forming a line.

“What did she tell me back then? She told me that she would never turn against you even when the
whole world was to do so, and she would never leave you.”

Hernandez’s words sent a hint of shock through the bottom of Nolan’s eyes, and his hands, which were
placed on his thighs, clenched tightly and trembled a little.

‘Zee… Did she actually say that?’

Hernandez glanced at him. “My granddaughter asked me about your mother’s kidnapping incident from
15 years ago, the day she came to see me. I know the Goldmanns have always thought that I’m the
one who did it back then, and I never thought to clarify anything to you.

“My hatred for the Goldmanns originates from the death of my father and my amputated leg as both
these incidents are related to your great-grandfather, but what Maisie said that day made me feel a little

Hernandez pondered for a moment and added, “Maybe

the hatred between the Goldmanns and me was, as she said, misguided.”

Nolan lowered his gaze and said indifferently, “When someone lured me to Stoslo with the cause of my
mother’s death, I already guessed that the cause of my mother’s death wasn’t that simple.”

Hernandez put his hands together, intertwined his fingers, and then placed them on his thigh. “I know
that those people were behind your mother’s incident from 15 years ago. But because of my hatred for
the Goldmanns, I thought it didn’t matter, even if I was not the one who did it. One more or one less
crime on my shoulders wouldn’t extinguish the hatred rooted deep in my heart.”

His gaze looked cold and stern after he finished speaking. “Actually, I know that those people have
always wanted to win the de Armas over. I came to Zlokova in search of my granddaughter and learned
about her relationship with you, but I didn’t plan to disclose her relationship with the de Armas, just to
play on the safer side.

“Because I don’t want her to go through what my daughter, Marina, had to go through.”

Nolan was astonished. “What do you mean by that?”

Hernandez’s expression turned extremely regretful and depressed, while his gaze, which had always
been sharp and keen, appeared to look sorrowful and agonizing. “Do you know how heartbroken I was
when Maisie told me that her mother died of the sleeper

virus? Her infection, it’s because of me.”


A hint of surprise flashed across Nolan’s eyes.

Zee’s mother died of the virus too?’

‘My daughter Marina was only 17 years old 30 years ago. She wanted to sign herself up as a volunteer
in the area where the virus outbreak took place. I was very worried about her, afraid that the threat of
the virus would still be lingering in the area.”

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