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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 460

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Chapter 460

Nolan clasped his hands that were placed in front of him tightly before opening his pursed lips slightly.
‘They’re still experimenting

Hemandez was stunned and then asked, “How did you know about that?”

Because I’ve been infected’ His indifferent gaze landed on the leacup “There’s no incubation penod this
time around. It’s a new virus.”

“Does Maisie know about this?

“She doesn’t know

Hernandez was shocked and did not speak for a long time

Nolan stared at him. “Zee’s mother was infected with the virus. She must have taken something to
counter it after that, which is why Zee isn’t showing any signs of infection. Not to mention that her blood
is very special”

Hernandez took a deep breath picked up the teacup but did not drink from it.

Nolan then said nonchalantly, il divorce Maisie

Hernandez glanced at Nolan for quite a while. Judging from what he just saw, he could see that Nolan
really cared about his granddaughter. He then put down the teacup 1 see

“Please keep it a secret for me. Dont you plan to live on?” Hernandez asked him calmly

There was a very subtle surge of emotion of the bottom of Nolan’s dimmed eyes, and he did not
answer the question directly. “You and Erwin will be here protecting her, and I’ve also given her half of

Blackgold’s shares. The Goldmanns wont fall even if i die now. This is also on escape hatch
thariveleitor myself

Alter Hermandezlelt Nolan started coughing violently all of a sudden, and the blood spilling from his
mouth stained his fingers red.

Quincy opened the door when he heard the sound and stepped forward to support him with a panicked
expression. “Sir, I’ll take you to the hospital

can’t go to the hospital Noian’s toon gradually turned pale, Til leave the divorce procedures to you
butletch me back first

Maisie had been sitting in her office all afternoon Het ryelids kept twiichung, which made her feel a little

There was an uneasy feeling lurking in a dark come of her heart

At this time she received a message from Quincy, and her expression became extremely sorrowful
when she saw that it was about Nolan asing her lo lake care of the divorce procedures

Martie put on plain makeup and planned to head to Nolan’s office to talk about the terms of the divorce.
Surprisingly, she was told that Nolan had no come to his office for a few days already, and Quincy had
been in charge of the company’s affairs.

Sve worked toward the administrative office, and Quincy was really the only person in the office

“Vs Vanderbilt, you’ve come Quincy got up and placed the agreement on the desk, “Mt. Goldmann
asked you to sign it first.”

78 Nolan really planning to get a divorce? Maisie was so calm that is felt a little cene,

Quincy toweled bas gaze as his facial expression looked very tense. I’m sorry, Ms. Vanderbilt, Mr.
Goldmann has his reasons when it comes to this mattet You should just sionit

ne’s clenched lists loosened i want to see Nolan

Qundy repised,

i Coldmann said that he wont be seeing anyone for the meantirne”

Quincy, wh you tell me what happened to Nolan7″

Once Moiste bould not get an answer from Nolan, she could only turn to Quincy and ask him

Quincy obuto geetha Maite was bried about Nolan, but he could not tell her anything. He had

swot to kompil a sért “Tin very sorry, Ms. Vanderbilt.”

Maisie understood tomcthing from his facial erpression and then glanced at the divorce agreement I
won’t sign it then

Quincy was taken aback

Unfortunately, Masis left bulat he could say anything

Maisie walked to the bulding

trance and got into her car and her brands holding the steering wheel tightened white her heart

“Divorca, divorce divorce Nolan Goldmann, is the what you’ve premised me in the beginning?

vlapici 40V

“You only plan to shove me away without telling me anything? Keep dreaming!

Maisie picked up her phone and called Ryleigh.” Ryleigh, are you free tonight? Let’s meet over a drink.”

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