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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 462

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Chapter 462

“Lew, it’s strange that you actually called your fiancee here to drink with us.” Tanner Hannigan was
holding a red wine glass, and his gaze was fixed on Louis as he teased and chuckled.

Louis did not respond to him.

Ryleigh threw the snacks on the table at him.” Nonsense! What are you blabbering about over there?”

Tanner avoided the projectiles and laughed. “We’re all living in the same circle. Who wouldn’t know
about the engagement between the Hills and the Lucases?”

No one in the social circle did not know about the news about the engagement between the Hills and
the Lucases. It was already a fact that had been planned and prepared round the clock. Even if Ryleigh
did not want to acknowledge the fact, she could not hide from it for the rest of her life.

Donovan Santiago, sitting beside Louis, also teased Helios with a chuckle. “Hels, are you still not going
to start thinking about your marriage?”

Helios put down his glass. “I’m not in a hurry.”

“You’re not in a hurry? You’re almost the same age as Nolan. By the way, it’s been several years since
Nolan last came out with us for a get-together, hasn’t it?”

Tanner looked at Donovan. “He has a family now. He’s

no longer a bachelor like you who goes around flirting and picking up women.”

“Hey, since when did you see me picking up women? Don’t slander me. There are other women here in
the room.” Everyone’s gazes shifted onto Maisie after Donovan said that.

Maisie picked up the wine glass and shook it lightly. From the moment they came in until they started
chatting, she only sat there in the corner, drinking alone.

At that moment, a silhouette sat down beside her.

Louis and Helios both looked a tad bit anxious.

Jayden Lichtenberg did not know who Maisie was, and he had been drinking a little too much. His
usual playboy style was exceptionally prominent when he placed his arms around her shoulder and
said to the two, “You guys really have neglected this belle for too long, and you actually allow her to sit
here and drink by herself. But it doesn’t matter. I’ll drink with the belle.”

Just as Ryleigh was about to say something, Helios asked coldly, “Jayden, do you know who she is?”

Tanner and Donovan were aware of the change in Helios’expression, so they stared at Maisie for a
long time and vaguely felt that she looked rather familiar.

Jayden was already a little tipsy, so he did not care much. “Who is she? How would I know that? Isn’t
she here to get drunk too?” Helios was about to speak, but he saw Maisie clinking glasses with him,
“Yes, we’re all here to get drunk, so let’s have a good time tonight.”

Louis and Helios were obviously a little surprised by her calmness. They even felt that something was
wrong with her.

Ryleigh suddenly leaned over and said to Jayden sullenly, “If you get drunk together with Mr.

Goldmann’s wife, your head will most probably be floating on the Yurp River tomorrow.”

‘Mr. Goldmann!

Upon hearing these two words, Jayden sobered and looked at her. “What did you just say?”

“It turns out to be Mrs. Goldmann…” Tanner was very surprised. They had heard of her, but they had
never seen her in person. It had been a sensation when Mr. Goldmann announced their marriage. It
had been published in the newspaper back then, so he finally recalled this familiar face.

Jayden suddenly let go of his hand that was wrapping around Maisie’s shoulders and shifted a little
away from her. No matter how much of an imp he was, he would not dare to trick Mrs. Goldmann into
drinking with him!

Louis got up, walked over, and sat in Jayden’s seat, while Maisie only held the wine glass in her hand
and had not taken a sip out of it. It was obvious to the eye that she was neither happy nor devastated.

She was only feeling a little blue.

She put down the wine glass and got up. “You guys should continue drinking. I’ll go out for a walk.”

“Zee!” Ryleigh stood up.

Unfortunately, Maisie had already left the private room.


Ullapiei 404

Ryleigh wanted to go after her, but Helios held her back. He got up. “I’ll go. As a woman, she’s not safe
out there, and you going with her won’t make much of a difference.”

Ryleigh watched as Helios put on a mask and cap and went after Maisie, not knowing what she could
do for a while.

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