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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 463

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Chapter 463

Ryleigh did not want to stay here alone, so she was grabbing her handbag when she turned around
and found out that Maisie’s phone was on the couch.

“Sigh, how did she…”

When she picked up the phone and tapped on the screen, she saw an unread text message when the
screen lit up. She was obviously

shocked when she saw the content of the text message.

Louis looked at her. “Is it her phone?”

Ryleigh did not answer, picked up her handbag, and quickly dashed out of the room.

“Lew, what are they…” Donovan asked while the other two looked a little confused.

Louis took a deep breath and got up. “You guys should continue. I’ll catch up to them and check things

As soon as Ryleigh walked out of the bar, Louis came up to her, held her, and said slowly, “Call Helios
and ask him where he is. I’ll take you there.”

Ryleigh was still trapped in a daze.

Louis thought she did not hear him and was about to say something when Ryleigh suddenly looked up
at him. “Mr. Goldmann wants to divorce Zee.”

Maisie was sitting on the bench beside a neon

fountain. And when Helios arrived, she was the only person left in the park.

Helios walked toward her. “It’s so late in the night now. Aren’t you afraid that Nolan will worry about you
if you stay in such a place alone

“Will he worry about me?” Maisie stopped talking then looked up at him. The smile on her face became
a little bit more indifferent. “You shouldn’t know that he wants to divorce me, right? It seems that he’s
made up his mind.”

“He wants to divorce you?” The momentary shock in Helios’s eyes disappeared almost instantly.

She continued. “He’s gotten the divorce papers drafted and printed out. What else can I do?”

Maisie gave off a smirk that was filled with selfmockery. “He gave me custody of my children and also
half of the shares of Blackgold. He’s truly a considerate man, huh?”

‘He didn’t argue with me, didn’t try to take anything from me, and even gave me shares. It’s definitely a
good deal for me to agree to the divorce.

However… All I want to know is why he must divorce me. He clearly still cares for me and is still in love
with me!

Helios lowered his gaze and smiled. “He could still think of this when he’s trying to get a divorce. Do
you know what it means to obtain half of Blackgold’s shares?”

Maisie did not say anything.

Helios then said mildly, “Even if Nolan and other shareholders own half of the company’s shares, if you
own the other half, it means that you’re the biggest shareholder of Blackgold.”

As he was saying so, he looked down at Maisie, who was sitting on the bench with a complex
expression, and sighed. “He’s giving you the whole company in disguise.”

She was rather shocked.

‘Nolan wants to give Blackgold to me in disguise? How can it be? Has he lost his mind?’

Helios sat down beside her. “Nolan doesn’t seem like someone who would play with women’s feelings.
He even thought of giving you the whole Blackgold through this divorce. If what you have with him was
just a play to him, do you think you can get any of these things from him?”

Maisie remained silent. She had not thought too much about it when Nolan brought up the divorce. She
had only thought that Nolan was using these to humiliate her and force her into agreeing to the divorce.

“You seem to know Nolan very well.” She smiled.

Helios’s legs were crossed together. Although he was wearing casual and low-key clothing, a cap, and
a mask, he still could not conceal his elegance. If Nolan were a glass of strong liquor, which was
extremely intoxicating once consumed, then Helios would be a cup of tea. The more someone got to
taste his temperament, the more intense their feelings for him would get.

He then added, “Nolan and I grew up together, and I used to envy him.”

“Envy him?” Maisie was startled.

Chapter 463

‘Helios is born without a lack of anything, with a famous family background, and his ancestors have
been officials for generations. His status and identity should be envied by many instead, right?’

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