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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 464

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Chapter 464

“Yes, I envied him for having parents who love him, and I envied the freedom that he has.” Helios
explained with a smile.

The loneliness in his eyes made Maisie feel that he was indeed envious of Nolan.

Helios added indifferently, “Someone once told me that it will be a tragedy if humans don’t have any
dreams and don’t have the guts to live for themselves but only know how to follow the rules and survive
this world, jumping from one day to another.”

He then turned to look at her. “The person who said that was Nolan’s mother, Aunt Natasha Knowles,”

Maisie opened her mouth but did not speak.

He continued to say slowly. “The elders in my family have always been very strict. When I was young,
besides learning etiquette and established practices, I also had to read various books 10 supplement
my knowledge. And after I went to a private college, I had to learn even more things. Thus, I didn’t have
enough time to relax. I didn’t even dare to hope to be able to make friends back then.”

Maisie understood that being born into a prestigious family would bless one with noble status, but the
rules that one had to obey would be extremely strict too.

“Then how did you and Nolan get to know each

other?” Maisie seemed to have a whim and wanted to know more about Nolan’s childhood all of a

Helios moved on with the story. “My family punished me to kneel in front of the portraits of my
ancestors because I made a mistake back then. I felt too aggrieved and ran away from the manor. That

was when I ran into Nolan and his mother on the street.”

Helios had only been a few years old at the time, and Nolan was only one year older than him. Natasha
had seen him crying helplessly in the corner, so she had stepped forward to ask him about his
encounter and then brought him back to the Goldmann mansion.

From that time, he and Nolan had gotten to know each other. Helios would feel a sense of carefree
happiness in the Goldmann mansion, and there was where he could get to feel the warmth of a home.

Natasha had been treating him very well. He would go to the Goldmann mansion to play whenever he
was free, and Natasha would make him his favorite snacks as if he were one of her sons.

When Nolan noticed how much his mother liked Helios back then, he became very calculative, jealous
and had always liked to talk back to him. And whenever he could not win in a quarrel or a fight, Nolan
would just cry

Helios burst into laughter. “But there were times when Nolan treated me well. He would give me
medicine every time I was sentenced to kneel before the portraits, and my knees were slightly swollen.
He would bring me along to play basketball with him when I told him that I had never played basketball.
He was also the one who brought me to the beach when I told him that I had never seen the ocean.
Although his father reprimanded us big time when he found us, Nolan was the one who stood up for

“There was even one time when he came to my house and scolded my grandfather just because he
beat me u p. And in order to help me vent my anger, he released all the canaries that my grandfather
raised. Those canaries were very expensive, and it made my

grandfather extremely exasperated back then.”

Maisie chuckled. “Was he that naughty back then?”

Helios nodded. “It wasn’t until Aunt Natasha’s accident that he changed completely. He no longer likes
the fun and astir, he’s taciturn, and even his emotions are beyond comprehension. I hadn’t seen him
again for a few years after I graduated from high school. I only reunited with him again at a banquet
that took place after he came back from college to take over Blackgold.”

Maisie lowered her gaze. “Did you enter the entertainment industry because of his mother?”

“Yeah.” Helios looked at her. “Because she once said to me that one can’t control their origin, but their
life is another story. I didn’t want to be tied to the Bouchers all my life as my father did. I didn’t want not
to be able to do what I want to do and wait for my family to arrange everything for me. Do you know
that my father couldn’t even choose the woman that he has to live with for the rest of his life by

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