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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 466

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Chapter 466

“Nolan, you-” Louis wanted to rush over and beat him up, but Ryleigh was holding him back, and he
couldn’t just push her away.

Louis rarely lost his temper and would never fight someone without a valid reason, but Nolan crossed a

“That’s enough.”

Maisie looked calm as a statue-her expression was impossible to read. Her fingers curled, turned cold,
and shuddered.

She looked at Nolan, her eyes finally turning red, and tears almost fell out of them. Still, Nolan wouldn’t
look at her. He didn’t dare.

“Nolan, what can you do to me if I choose not to proceed with the divorce?” Yes, she had lost her
dignity, but she still wanted to try and salvage their relationship. She took a step back but wouldn’t
accept the divorce. She wouldn’t leave even if he chased her away.

How could she believe that the man who had risked his life to protect her in Stoslo didn’t love her
anymore or that he was already tired of her?

“Maisie, didn’t you hear him? Getting a divorce with him would be your best choice.” Louis ground his

He had treated her as his sister ever since she acknowledged that he was her cousin. When she
wanted to be with Nolan, even if Hernandez was his grandfather, he never talked bad about him and
never even thought of asking them to split up. However, he couldn’t ignore what he had heard and

If Nolan couldn’t appreciate her, the Lucases and Hernandez would.

Ryleigh was on Louis’ side because what he said made sense. “Zee, if he wants a divorce, you
shouldn’t continue to be blinded. We should leave. There’s plenty of fish in the sea!”

They had seen how Nolan was.

Tired? Planning to give her away to some other man after their divorce? How could someone say
something like that?

If she knew that that was going to happen, she should have just set Zee up with her cousin!

Furthermore, that was the first time she saw Zee like that. If it were before, she wouldn’t even have
hesitated. Love was blind and would make people lose themselves, and Maisie was just another victim
of it.

But they couldn’t know what Maisie and Nolan had gone through. Maisie smiled sadly. “I want to be
cruel like him too, but I want to know…”

She looked at him, trembling, “Nolan, did what you said before still stand?”

He had said that no one would be able to break them apart unless he died,

He had said that the only woman that he would marry would be Maisie.

He had said that they would have a wedding that would make every socialite in Bassburgh jealous.

And in return, she had said she would never leave him. But did all that still stand?

Nolan’s lips were pressed into a thin, hard line. She hoped to see some reluctance in his eyes, but she

He clenched his jaw as his deep eyes fell on her thin but strong yet beautiful face and said, “I guess we
have to do it by law. You know I’ ve never lost a court case. Maisie, don’t make it hard for yourself.”

Her heart shattered upon hearing those words. He wouldn’t try to salvage it and would rather use the
law to end this marriage?

“Nolan, do you really want to do that?”

Was this what he wanted?

Nolan didn’t say a thing. He opened his car door and stood there for a while before replying, “There’s
not much time left to think about this.”

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