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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 475

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Chapter 475

Maisie was taken aback. She raised her head up and looked at the man before her. The man had a
clean face and a pair of piercing blue eyes. He looked about the same age as Erwin, and he also
exuded the same regal aura as Erwin.

He was wearing a dark gray striped suit with a peacock blue tie and a tie clip in the shape of a snake.

The man squatted down and helped her get to her feet. He looked at her face for a short while and
chuckled, “You indeed are her daughter. Both of you are so alike.”

“Who are you?” Maisie asked in confusion.

“Did Erwin not tell you about me?” The man helped her get back to her bed. He stared at her for a
moment and said faintly, “Well, I guess he hasn’t told you anything.”

He pulled a chair and sat with his legs crossed beside the bed. He put both his hands on his leg and
said, “I now go by the name Henry. Erwin is a member of Metropolis, and he’s my most trusted
member. I asked him to stay by your mother’s side and protect her.”

He paused for a moment and glanced at the Ouroboros ring she was still wearing to protect herself.
Then, he pointed at it and asked, “Did Erwin give you this? It seems to me that he’s the one who taught
you selldefense skills.”

Maisie subconsciously touched the Ouroboros ring on her finger.

‘Uncle Erwin is this man’s underling? If he’s the one who asked Uncle Erwin to protect Mom, then that
means he is….

“You’re Strix?” Maisie asked, her voice filled with shock.

It only occurred to her that the man before her was “Strix;” who had gone missing from the medical
world for more than 10 years.

He had not actually gotten off the grid. Instead, he had changed his identity and had become the head
of Metropolis?

He didn’t deny or admit it, but Maisie knew that he was Strix.

After knowing that he was Strix, Maisie looked at him, and it was only then she saw the light why her
mother still couldn’t get over Strix after marrying Stephen. He was once her mother’s love interest, and
she reckoned that they must’ve loved each other very much.

He must have been a handsome man when he was young. After all, his appearance didn’t seem to
have changed much after all these years.

He just looked a little bit older. He had transformed from a young man into a mature middle-aged man.
He looked even more charming and dignified

He was about the same age as her father, but he looked much younger than her father. When Maisie
thought about her father, her face turned pale. “My father and Cherie-”

“I’m sorry.”

Strix lowered his head, his voice low. “We wanted to save them, but there was not enough time.
Someone was trying to kill you all, and if I hadn’t arrived at the nick of time, you wouldn’t be here
talking to me now.”

As he was talking, he looked at her. “Although we managed to save your life, about your baby, we’ve
already tried our best.”

Maisie sat frozen stiff on the bed as tears began to roll down her cheeks.

Her father and Cherie had been devoured mercilessly by the fire. She couldn’t even protect her baby.

Her shoulders were shaking, and she was having a hard time breathing. She felt a pang in her heart
and cried out in a choked sob.

She was alone now after her father died.

Strix pulled out a silk handkerchief to wipe away her tears. He said, “Come with me to Morwich. From
today onward, I’ll take care of you like you’re my own daughter.”

One week later…

Nolan sat on the chair with a gloomy face. He looked dejected. Whenever his phone rang, he hoped
that it would be the phone number he was expecting, but he was disappointed every time.

When he noticed Quincy calling him, he picked it up, and Quincy’s voice rang out. “Mr. Goldmann,
we’ve searched through all the hospitals in Bassburgh, but we still couldn’t find Ms. Vanderbilt.”

Nolan did not say anything and hung up the call.

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