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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 477

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Chapter 477

They thought that because Maisie did not understand them, they could rest assured and act
presumptuously. Unexpectedly, just as these maids were chit-chatting excitedly, a voice came from
behind them. “You’d better shut up before Mr. Henry gets angry.”

The maids trembled, and their gossip came to an abrupt end. When they turned around and saw that it
was Maggie, the housekeeper, they all bowed their heads respectfully and did not even dare to say
another word before they hurried back to their respective workstation

The housekeeper pushed the frame lying on her nasal bridge to adjust her glasses and walked behind
Maisie. “Miss, you’re here. Mr. Henry is looking for you.”

Maisie turned to look at her. Maggie was in her 40s and the housekeeper of the Hanns Palace. She
was dressed meticulously and adequately

Seeing that Maggie was still waiting. Maisie slowly got up and walked up to her. Her beautiful eyes still
looked dimmed and lifeless. “Bring me there.”

Maggie brought her to the study, and two bodyguards were waiting outside of the door

Alter pushing open the door, a huge white study room

that was renovated and decorated in a retro and elegant interior design was revealed. The cabinets
were stashed with all kinds of books and many classic medical books,

Strix sat behind the desk under the chandelier. His desktop was neat. There was only a computer, a
pen, a globe, and some documents. The only decoration might be the green frilled iguana housed in
the glass tank with a forest environment setup.

Strix put down the book upon hearing footsteps and asked, “Have you not gotten used to it yet?”

Maisie’s speech rate was slow. “I’m gradually and slowly getting used to it.”

Strix nodded and took an old diary out of the drawer abruptly. “This is the note that your mother left
behind. Do you want to read it?”

Maisie faltered for a split second, and a tiny emotional fluctuation could be seen through her
unconcerned eyes. She grabbed the diary, which its cover had already discolored and turned yellow
and rough, but she did not have the courage to open it.

Strix smiled gently. “Take it back with you even if you don’t want 10 read it now. It’s not too late to go
through it when you think you’re ready for it.”

“Uncle Strix,” Maisie frowned and looked up at him,” Was my mother happy? When she knew she was
infected and only had a few years lelt, was she happy?”

This was the longest sentence that escaped Maisie’s mouth in the past two months.

Strix paused for a short second and then gave off a gentle chuckle. “She had never complained about
the injustice that fate had dropped upon her.”

Maisie opened her mouth all of a sudden. “Then why did she leave?”

Strix got up and walked 10 the coffee machine beside him. After pouring the coffee beans into the
machine and grinding them, he immediately poured them into the cup. “Your mother was a woman who
was a pain in my butt.”

He brought two cups of coffee over and handed one to her. “Even if she knew that her time was
running out, she wouldn’t show a tad bit of fear or even her need for me in front of me.”

Maisie held the mug. and Strix walked back to his seat, sat down, tasted it, and continued with a light
tone. “She thought she was dragging me into something that I shouldn’t have to burden myself with, so
she left back then.”

Maisie did not say anything, only to listen to him say.” Love is a very complicated emotion. Both parties
could be deeply in love with each other, but one of them might always think they are hurting the other

Maisie was astounded for a moment but did not say anything. Nolan’s face even flashed in her mind.

Strix saw through her thoughts and placed the mouth of the cup on his lips. “People always have to
walk out of their past and look forward. This is what your mother told me before she left for good.”

Maisie’s eyes looked cold, and her hand that was holding the mug could not help but tighten. “I want to
look forward too, but I can’t let my father, Cherie, and my baby’s deaths be in vain.”

Only God knew that she was still being haunted by those scenes in the past two months. She would
dream of her father, Cherie, and even her baby. The accident had taken away the lives of three people
that she cared about deeply.

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