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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 478

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Chapter 478

Strix scoffed. “So, what can you do with your current ability?”

Maisie pursed her lips tightly.

He then stared at her and said slowly, “Why didn’t Erwin tell you those things? It’s because he knows
that you can’t go against those people by yourself. The incident that took place in Stoslo is only their
first step.”

“You know about that?” Maisie glanced at him, looking slightly surprised. Strix placed his hands on the
table and squinted.” There’s nothing in this world that I don’t know, including the matter between you
and the Goldmanns.”

Maisie’s expression changed slightly. She knew that Erwin might have told him things.

‘Uncle Erwin once said that he’s not telling me many things because it’s for my own good, as he
couldn’t tell whether I could handle it or not:

What had happened in Stoslo a few months ago made it clear to her that those people were
unscrupulous and did not care much about human lives.

The incident that she had gotten into was not what it seemed at all.

After taking some time to calm herself down, Maisie put down the mug. “You’ve developed antibodies,
haven’t you? Can you tell me about the virus? Why does Uncle Erwin say that the virus is man-made?”

Strix did not plan to hide it either. “You’re the successful experiment of the virus. You should have never
been sick since you were a child , and you won’t be troubled by any form of cancer or illness. The
results found in your body are what those people want.”

Maisie’s fingertips trembled slightly. She even stared at him in disbelief.

Strix told her that when the sleeper virus first appeared, it could make the infected not fall ill during the
one-year incubation period-it could even fight cancer. Because of this, someone kept studying the
sleeper virus and experimented with it secretly even after the incident involving the princess.

Those nobles did not have the balls to use the virus on themselves, so they could only find someone to
experiment with. And they had experimented in the slums initially because, in their eyes, no matter
whether the poor died or survived, it had nothing to do with their interests.

Later on, some unscrupulous traders had been paid to smuggle and sell the antibody vaccines on
behalf of the nobles. However, these antibody vaccines had been, in fact, the prototypes of the virus.

Maisie’s lips trembled. “So those two outbreaks were all part of their experiments?”

Strix did not deny it. “Unfortunately, all the experiments failed. The princess’ savagery had brought a
huge catastrophe upon her men, so she became a victim and sacrifice. I met your mother during the
pandemic 30 years ago, but then she got infected too.”

“Why was my mother infected?”

‘If I remember it correctly, Aunt Larissa told me that mother had never been exposed to any source of
infection, so how could she have been infected with the virus?’

Strix looked out the window. “Because your grandfather injected your mother with a vaccine, but I think
he had also been deceived.” Maisie froze in place. Even though the air conditioner was not turned on,
she felt a chill shooting down her spine.

‘Everything makes sense now.

‘Why did the de Armas and the Goldmanns hate each other? And why did the de Armas take the
blame? It’s because it was driven by those people behind the curtains. It’s no wonder Grandpa’s
expression changed so drastically all of a sudden when he learned that Mom died of the virus too!

Strix retracted his gaze indifferently and gave off a modest smile. “You now know everything that you
need to know. What you plan to do next depends on your own choice.”

Just when Strix slowly got up and was about to leave the study, Maisie, who was sitting in her seat,
turned around to look at him. “Uncle Strix, can you provide me with a new identity?”

Strix stopped but did not look back. “From now on, you’ll be known as Alice.”

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