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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 482

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Chapter 482

Maisie answered, “I can’t confirm because before it happened. I saw Rowena, but I can’t be sure if it
was her.”

Rowena’s name hadn’t popped up in the past three years, and she had sent people to look into her.
There was no news of her in Stoslo either.

Erwin put down the cup and placed a photo he took out of his pocket on the table. “I received this photo
a year ago. I guess it was for me to investigate.”

Maisie looked at the photo. It was a woman who was in the crowd after the incident in a mask and cap.
The height and build of the woman looked exactly like Rowena’s!

Maisie raised her head in surprise. “Uncle Erwin, who sent the incident photo to you?”

Erwin squeezed a word out. “Him.”

Maisie didn’t ask, but her eyes grew dark. She didn’t want to confirm if it were him and that he was
looking into the incident.

Erwin asked, “Do you hate him, Zee?”

Hate? Maisie didn’t know if she did because he had never done anything for her to hate him, but she
resented him for breaking promises, for being cruel, and for not looking for her all these years.

Even if someone was sneaking in pictures or wanted to know her true identity, she didn’t want to
confirm if that person was ‘him’.

It could be the Lucas family or her grandfather trying to find out.

If it were him, he would have shown up already. If he had his suspicions, he would have come to
Morwich, but he never showed up there. Maybe he had already moved on, but why was he looking into
the incident? Was it because of Cherie?

Yes, Cherie had died, and Quincy lost a sister. Even if he didn’t investigate, Quincy would have.

Seeing her dismay, regret, and sadness, Erwin took a deep breath. “If you expected him to come to see
you, you should know that it’s probably impossible.”

Probably impossible?

Maisie was stunned but bounced back. Her eyes mocked herself. Was she still waiting for him to come
to find her?

Erwin calmly replied, “Because he can’t come.”

Maisie was again stunned, and suspicion arose. She asked without meaning to, “Why?”

Erwin saw that she still cared, even after three years. That man was a thorn in her heart that couldn’t
be pulled out, yet she wouldn’t dare touch it.

He sighed, “He’s sick. Rumor has it that he’s very sick and won’t last much longer.” “That’s not
possible!” Maisie suddenly stood up.” Wasn’t he fine three years ago?”

“How could you be sure that he was healthy if you didn’t see it for yourself?” Erwin looked at her with a
smile. “That was probably the reason he chose to ask for a divorce.”

Maisie stood in the spot. Could her heart keep calm and continue to lie to herself? Maybe not.

She knew that Nolan had been hiding something when he insisted on ending their relationship with a
divorce. When Titus had first asked him to get a divorce, he wouldn’t, but why did he suddenly agree to

it when he returned from Stoslo?

Was Nolan really sick?

Maisie asked while shaking, and her voice broke,” How did he fall sick?”

Erwin said calmly, “He caught it while in Stoslo.”

“No way!” Maisie sat down, her face pale. “How could he be sick in Stoslo on top of getting shot!?”

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