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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 483

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Chapter 483

*If you ask him personally, you might get the answer.” Erwin raised his brow and smiled. “But with your
current status, do you still care about the people in your past? He could be a half-dead bed-ridden man
with a few years left in him now.

“And he was the one who asked for a divorce. Do you really want to go back?”

His speech made Maisie stand on her spot with her thoughts hanging.

Ryleigh was still working at the same cafe. There weren’t a lot of customers in the morning, so she
could hear when someone walked in but didn’t look up.” Hello, what can I get you?”

“One latte.” Ryleigh’s finger shuddered, and she raised her head when she heard that voice. She
smiled when she saw that it was Louis. “Why are you here?”

“I can’t get a cup of coffee?” Louis frowned.

Ryleigh already keyed in the order, “Of course you — H can.

She turned around to make it and placed it on the counter when she was done. “Your latte.”

He calmly said, “To go.”

Ryleigh took back the cup and put it in a holder. Louis looked at her with his palm on the counter. “Are
you really not in touch?”

Ryleigh was a little impatient after being asked again. She looked up and handed the coffee to him.

Louis waited before taking it. When he was about to leave, he saw a message pop up on her phone
screen that was placed on the counter.

Ryleigh picked up the phone in a panic and stared at him. “Are you trying to pry?”

Louis raised his brow. “Why are you so nervous? Are you dating someone?”

Ryleigh laughed. “Yes, a guy is interested in me. He’s cute and sweet.”

She looked at her message.

Louis stared at her and scoffed. “You should cancel our engagement before you start dating someone.”

Ryleigh didn’t look up. “Sure, tell Aurat Larissa and my dad. We just need them to agree.”

He laughed when he heard that, “Why don’t you go?”

Even though the two of them were ‘forced to be together because their family wanted a union, he
wouldn’t go to see her if she wasn’t the only one who might know where Maisie was.

His mother and her father had decided their marriage. He hadn’t rejected it because he didn’t want to
go through match-making blind dates.

And since those women probably wanted him because of his status and family background, he would
have a hard time if they wouldn’t leave him when they got married.

It was different for Ryleigh, though. Not only did she not stick to him, but she also avoided him. Thus,
marriage with her would be more comfortable for him than with any other pesky woman.

Maybe he was just getting by and didn’t want to face the women on blind dates, and that was why he
had never thought of calling off their arrangement.

Nonetheless, he knew that they would have to get engaged and even married one day. He wouldn’t
want to be tied down by marriage, especially not to a woman he didn’t know.

He knew Ryleigh. Even though she was a pretty average person, choosing a woman who would stay
out of his business like her wouldn’t be too bad if they were to get married.

Ryleigh looked at him. “Why don’t you go then?”

Louis shrugged. “Do you think I can manage that?”

“What are you talking about? Do you think I can? You’re being annoying. Go away and stop bugging
me.” Ryleigh walked aside to reply to her message.

‘Why did Zee suddenly ask about Nolan?’

That was tough. She hadn’t been concerned about Nolan in the past three years because of how he
had treated Maisie.

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