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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 489

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Chapter 489

Nolan turned his eyes back onto the computer screen. It showed the information about “Alice”, but
there was very little content. There was not even a picture of her.

At the same time, he received a message on his phone. It was from Wesley, an old friend of his in

A few days later…

The refusal of Mr. Henry’s daughter, Ms. Alice Henry, to meet Prince Roger’s people led to a heated

One of them was the daughter of Mr. Henry, who was highly valued by the royal family and had the
same power as the royal family in Morwich, while the other was a member of the royal family in Stoslo.
It was rare for someone to disrespect the prince.

Of course, she only disrespected the prince. After all, M s. Alice did not reject it when the royal family
invited her with courtesy.

In the ornate and grand white living room, the maids were standing at the side and serving tea. Queen
Anna was in her 50s. She was the niece of the eldest princess, a descendant of the Miller royal
bloodline. Her amber eyes also reminded Maisie of someone.

This was not the first time Maisie was being received by the royal family. Nine years ago, when she
was still

the designer Zora, Queen Anna’s daughter had had a meeting with her. This was because her
daughter would get married, and she loved Victorian style.

Therefore, she had asked her to design a Victorian-style tiara for her.

That being said, this was the first time Maisie saw Queen Anna in person. She was graceful, elegant,
and very classy.

“Ms. Alice, you remind me of a person.” Maisie was stunned. She did not expect that the queen would
say something like this to her.

She smiled and asked, “Who might that person be?”

Queen Anna gracefully lifted the cup and replied, “Granddaughter of Lord Hernandez?”

Maisie lowered her eyes and smiled faintly. “Really? Actually, she’s my mother.”

Queen Anna was shocked, “You’re Lord Hernandez’s granddaughter?”

Maisie nodded.

Queen Anna put the cup down and continued. “I see. Now I see why you’re helping him.”

Maisie was stunned for a moment, her jaw tightly set. It took her a few seconds before she parted her
lips and asked, “Did you know something?”

Queen Anna chuckled as if she was tickled pink by Maisie and said, “Of course, I know something. I
know everything my uncle is doing. The de Arma family used to be very loyal to the royal family.
However, after Lord Hernandez’s father passed away, the de Arma family stopped inquiring about the
affairs of the royal family.”

A hint of disappointment crossed Queen Anna’s eyes, but Maisie did not say anything. After all, she
was just an outsider, and Queen Anna shouldn’t have told her anything about the affairs of the royal
family, but…

Apparently, the royal family was not as peaceful as it seemed to be. In fact, it was rotten inside. People
would always fight for power and wealth, regardless of their social status, let alone the members of the
royal family.

It was not that Queen Anna did not want to do anything. It was just that her power was much weaker
compared to that of Roger’s.

After Maisie finished her conversation with Queen Anna, she headed out of the State Room and came
to the spacious and beautiful garden, where Saydie was waiting for her.

“Miss, Mr. Henry wants you to attend a banquet tonight. It’s very important as it’s related to the
partnership with Mr. David, the new president of the Ashton Group.”

Maisie asked, “Partnership?”

Saydie nodded. Although Mr. David is only in his mid-30s, he comes from a big family. His father is a

member of Stoslo’s congress. He’s a man of integrity. Roger is going to make a move on the election to
recommend his own people. Mr. David is also a key figure in this election. Mr. Henry said that if you
want to help the de Arma family, then you’ll need to get Mr. David’s trust before Roger does.”

Maisie fell silent. She had kind of offended Roger after turning down the meeting with him several
times. She was confident that Roger wouldn’t give up so easily, and Strix was the reason he hadn’t
made any move on her yet.

However, Maisie was waiting for a chance. She was waiting for the moment Roger got drowned in his
ego-she would then swoop in and get rid of him.

Chapter 489

She hadn’t gotten any news about her grandfather, yet. However, since she was already in the game,
she could only take the step forward.

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