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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 488

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Chapter 488

At Roger’s mansion…

The sound of a cup falling to the floor could be heard from the study. The old man with silver hair had a
strong physique, and his turquoise eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s.

“A bunch of idiots! Have you found out who the hell did it?”

The middle-aged man lowered his head and replied,” Your Highness, we haven’t found out who did it.
However, the way they didn’t leave anyone alive is identical to that person’s from the Metropolis.”

The person from the Metropolis he was talking about was none other than Saydie, Mr. Henry’s
subordinate. Saydie was notorious for her ruthlessness, and Patrick, who was a cruel man himself, was
nothing compared to her. After all, Patrick would still give the person he captured a chance to live, but
Saydie was different. She would not let those who had fallen into her hands live.

Saydie was a notoriously vicious woman in the Metropolis. When Mr. Henry was away, Saydie would
take over the Metropolis. She represented Mr. Henry, and the fact that she had intervened meant that
Mr. Henry intended to do so as well.

Roger clenched his fists tightly, and his veins bulged

out of the back of his hand. “D*mn it! How dare those people from the Metropolis put their nose into the
de Arma family’s affair!? Go check it out immediately! I want to know if the Metropolis is in this or not!”

In the meantime…

Quincy walked into the room with another man. All of the lights in the room were turned off save for the
table lamp next to the computer .Nolan was sitting on a big chair. He was wearing a bathrobe and

holding a glass of unfinished wine with his left hand.

“Mr. Goldmann,” Quincy said, “Someone has gotten rid of Roger’s men that occupied the de Arma
family’s territory.”

Nolan was typing on the keyboard, and he froze when he heard what Quincy said. Half of his face was
covered by the shadow, and Quincy couldn’t read the emotion in his eyes.

He leaned backward and tapped the desk with his finger. “Who did it?”

Quincy looked toward the man beside him, and the man replied, “Judging from the evidence we’ve
gathered, it was done by the people from the Metropolis. Their move was clean, and there were no
extra wounds on the bodies. All of them were killed in one strike.” .

The man pondered for a moment before adding, “I’m guessing that they must’ve ambushed them.
There are no signs of a fight on the scene. They didn’t even get to fire their guns.”

Quincy was taken aback. The people from the Metropolis usually acted openly, so he was surprised to
find that they would resort to ambushing them at night. Besides, he wondered why the Metropolis
would launch an attack on Roger’s men. Was it because of the de Arma family?

He looked at Nolan, but there was no expression on Nolan’s face. He appeared to be locked in his
thoughts. After a short while, he lifted his head and asked, “Who did Mr. Henry send this time?”

The man replied, “It must be Saydie. She’s the most ruthless person in the Metropolis, and I’m sure
that she must be the one who wiped out Roger’s men.”

Quincy had heard of Saydie from the Metropolis. She was known to be a competent woman, and even
if Hans, him, and the Night Banquet members attacked her simultaneously, they might not be able to
take her down.

Mr. Henry had been a mysterious being, and the fact that he was surrounded by incredible people such
as Erwin and Saydie showed that he was not someone to be trifled with.

Quincy suddenly thought of something and asked curiously, “Saydie is always by Mr. Henry’s side, so
why would he send her to Stoslo? What is the connection between Mr. Henry and the de Arma family?”

When the man heard Quincy’s question, he replied, “Oh yeah, according to the information we
received, there is this one girl, Ms. Alice, in Mr. Henry’s team that went to Stoslo.”


Quincy was stunned and looked toward Nolan.

Nolan’s eyes darkened, and he asked meaningfully,” Has anyone seen her face after she landed at

The man shook his head and said, “Nope.” :

Nolan narrowed his eyes slightly, but he did not say anything. After a short while, he asked Quincy to
take the man away.

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