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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 487

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Chapter 487

The car came to a stop outside of Easton Estate.

Easton Estate was huge. The garden was full of Irises, which Strix had personally planted.

Maisie got out of the car, and the people beside her said respectfully, “Mr. Henry bought Easton Estate
when he came to Stoslo on business. All of the people here are Mr. Henry’s men, and you can tell them
whatever you need.”

Maisie nodded. Then, a maid led her into the manor. The decoration in the manor was similar to that of
Hanns Palace, which obviously cost a lot of money.

She walked up to a couch and sat down. After that, she looked at the man and asked, “Do you know
anything about the de Arma family?

“The de Arma family?” The man was stunned for a few seconds before replying, “It’s said that the de
Arma family and the Kents have been fighting against each other in the past few years with the de
Arma family gaining the upper hand. However, Hernandez went missing a few days ago, and Roger’s
men seized the chance to take over the territory belonging to the de Arma family. The people

under Hernandez are now in disarray.”

Maisie squinted her eyes but did not say anything.

She suddenly remembered what Strix had told her

back then. The virus had infected her mother when her grandfather was tricked into giving her mother
the vaccine.

Strix had also told her before that someone was researching the sleeper virus in secret, and these
vaccines were just something that the nobles used in their experiment. When the experiment failed, the
virus got out, leading to the pandemic.

Maisie had guessed that those people were the culprits behind the “feud” between the Goldmanns and
the de Arma family in the past. It wasn’t Nolan’s great-grandfather who had cut off Hernandez’s leg, nor
was it Hernandez who had kidnapped Nolan’s mother. It was those people they were the real culprits.

Hernandez had found out about these, so he attacked the Kents whenever he had the chance. The
Kents were members of the left-wing party, and getting rid of the Kents was the same as removing the
left-wing party’s wings.

The accident that Maisie had got into three years ago was also part of their plan. It was just that she did
not have any power that year and couldn’t do anything. However, things were different now.

The maid brought a cup of tea to Maisie, and the man asked, “Ms. Alice, are you going to help the de
Arma family?”

Maisie lifted the cup of tea and took a sip. “My mother was, after all, a member of the de Arma family.

Therefore, I need to take back what belongs to the de Arma family and find my grandfather.”


The man nodded and continued. “Very well, then. Let me know when you’ve done with your
preparations. I’ll send someone to help you.” Maisie lifted her head from the tea and replied, “Let’s do it

The night was dark, and several black-clad men were guarding the Zephyr Harbor. When they noticed
there was fire not far away, three of them went over to check it out.

Suddenly, a muffled noise came, and the two remaining black-clad men collapsed on the ground with
their guns. They were then dragged to the back of a wall.

The three black-clad men arrived at the fire’s location. However, they couldn’t see anybody else other
than a pile of burning rubbish. Two of the bodyguards were dumbfounded, and when they turned their
heads around, the person standing behind them was gone.

Just when they were wondering where their comrade was, two men approached them and broke their
necks with deadly precision

They picked up the guns on the ground and headed toward the cargo ship.

A group of people drinking beer and playing cards on the cargo ship. When they heard something, one
of them lifted his hand and said, “Someone is here.”

The other person then said to them, “Go and have a look.”

That man picked up his weapon and walked out of the cabin. However, he did not return even after a
long time had passed.

The rest of the people began to feel nervous, and they quickly came out to check what was going on..

When they got to the deck, they didn’t see anybody around. Then, a voice rang out above them. “Hey.”

They jerked their heads back, and the people hiding in the dark jumped onto the ship, launching an
attack on them before they could react.

Tonight, the black-clad men stationed at the de Arma family’s territory were ambushed.

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