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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 490

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Chapter 490

The Ashton Group hosted a grand banquet at the hotel’s banquet hall in the evening to celebrate the
Ashton Group’s revival.

Why were they celebrating the Ashton Group’s revival? It was known that the Ashton Group had been
operating in Stoslo for 60 years. However, due to the recession, nobody wanted to take over the
Ashton Group after the former chairman declared bankruptcy.

After joining the Ashton Group and becoming its largest shareholder and chairman, Wesley brought the
Ashton Group back to life. When the press had asked him why he would take over the Ashton Group,
he just said that he had worked as a part-timer before attending university. He liked the Ashton Group
very much, so he did not want to see the company go down the drain just like that.

It was considered a straightforward yet positive answer. No matter if it was true or not, the Ashton
Group’s market value had indeed increased by 70% within one year ever since Wesley took over. It
was the second-largest company in the country now, and everyone was paying attention to it.

Wesley had invited all his friends from different sectors to join him in the celebration. The invitation card
for Mr. Henry was sent to Maisie’s phone, so she attended on his behalf.

There were a lot of guests inside the spacious banquet hall. Before the banquet started, all of them
made conversation with each other. Other than some interesting events in the world of business, most
of them were talking about Mr. Henry’s mysterious daughter.

They knew that Mr. Henry was a friend of Wesley. Although Mr. Henry was from the underworld, he
enjoyed the same rights as the royal family in Morwich. He was involved in the business world as well,
so he was wealthy.


As for his daughter, they had heard that Mr. Henry had just adopted her not long ago. If anyone could
marry his daughter, it would be like getting all the wealth he had gathered throughout his whole life.

However, judging from his social status, it was only right and natural for his daughter to marry a count
or a prince. Unexpectedly, even though his daughter was in Stoslo right now, she refused to meet with
Prince Roger, which intrigued the crowd even more.

Suddenly, a figure appeared at the entrance. They all thought everyone was already here, but little did
they expect someone would show up late. They turned their heads and looked toward the entrance.

The newcomer had a voluptuous figure. She was dressed in a slim-fitting burgundy suit lined with a
high-collared chiffon shirt, and there was a ruby pendant at the center of the collar. Her crop pants had
her ankle exposed to the air, and her stilettos made her look even taller.

She had tied her blueish black hair in a ponytail and was wearing a golden mask that covered the
upper half of her delicate face.

There were four people behind her in which three of them were from Morwich. The remaining one was
a tomboyish, short-haired girl, and the crowd soon recognized who she was. She was none other than
the ruthless woman who used to stay by Mr. Henry’s side-Saydie.

So, did that mean this woman was Ms. Alice?

Even if she was wearing a mask, they could all see that she had a delicate face.

Maisie walked toward Wesley with a steady and firm pace on her stilettos. The crystal lights of the hall
reflected on her mask and gave off sparkling light.

Wesley was talking with someone with a glass of wine in his hand. When he saw Maisie, he was

Maisie stretched her arm out without any hesitation and greeted, “Pleasure to meet you, Mr. David. I’m

Wesley had heard of Alice a long time ago. He handed the wineglass to a person beside him, whipped
up a smile on his face, and grabbed her hand to exchange a handshake with her. “Ms. Alice, I’ve heard
a lot about you. Did Mr. Henry send you here?” “Yes. My father asked me to attend your banquet in his
place and asked me to bring you a congratulatory gift.”

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