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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 492

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Chapter 492

“Ma’am!” Saydie exclaimed.

The waiter bowed and apologized in great panic. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Maisie took out a handkerchief nimbly, wiped her hand, and then said with a smile, “It’s no big deal,
you’re good to go.”

Nolan looked at her. “I asked someone to prepare a gown just in case something like this happened. I
think it should suit you very well, Ms. Henry. After all, the banquet is nowhere near over yet.”

It seemed that she was planning to leave the venue halfway. However, the banquet was not over yet,
so he said that to keep her here for now.

Wesley grinned and said, “Indeed, Ms. Henry came to attend my banquet. She mustn’t be wearing
clothes that are stained with wine. That would make other people think that I’m not playing a good
enough host.”

Maisie raised her head and accepted the kindness readily. “Then I might have to trouble you for the
gown already, Mr. Goldmann.”

Maisie asked Saydie to accompany her even when she went to change her attire in the guest room
because she knew that Saydie would never let anyone approach her.

Saydie waited at the door and passed the gown to Maisie after receiving it from Nolan’s men.

Maisie closed the door and took off her burgundy suit and the ruby pendant.

She then recalled Nolan who had appeared in a wheelchair, as well as what Erwin had told her, saying
that Nolan was gravely ill. A hint of gloom flashed past her eyes.

She removed all her clothes and picked up the wrapped gown Nolan had sent. After unwrapping the
outer packing and opening the purple box, she saw a dark green gown lying within the purple box

‘This looks a lot like the one that I wore to the

Bouchers’ banquet three years ago! It’s just that the design on the back isn’t a cutout but is covered
with a thin layer of tulle.

“How did he…

The hand holding the dress tightened

Just as she had just put on the dress, the lights went out all of a sudden. Not only the lights in the guest
room but also the lights in the corridor outside the room.

“Saydie!” Maisie yelled at the person outside the door.

Saydie replied, “I’ll go and take a look.” Maisie’s eyes adjusted to the darkness not long after Saydie
left, and she walked out of the room. She knew that it was definitely not a power outage, but someone’s
deliberate arrangement!

At that moment, a shadow approached abruptly and pulled her into his arms in an instant,

Maisie’s body froze as the silhouette in the darkness had a scent that was very familiar to her-the faint
fragrance of the Gucci cologne was a nostalgic scent.

He kissed her lips out of the blue. It felt hot and hysterical, without even a gap in between the whole
length of the kiss.

After an abrupt sink into the sensation of the kiss, Maisie returned to her senses in an instant, raised
her elbow to push his chest away from her, escaped from the embrace that she was reluctant to leave,
and listed her arm.

A crisp slap then reverberated throughout the corridor in the darkness.

Soon, the lights were turned on again.

The faintly visible mark stood out conspicuously on his slightly pale cheek.

Maisie’s fingers were trembling. She had not exerted much force. She could not bear to hit him as hard
as she could have, after all.

“Ma’am.” Saydie sprinted back and frowned slightly when she saw Nolan standing with her at the door.

· She quickly approached Maisie and stood between both of them as if she regarded Nolan as
someone of

great peril. “Sir, please stay away from her.”.

As soon as Saydie said that, she turned around and asked Maisie, “Someone deliberately cut the main
switch of the guest room. Are you alright?”

Saydie had dared to leave Maisie in the room and go check things out because she thought Maisie
would not come out of the room so easily.

When Saydie saw this man, she immediately understood something.

Chapter 492

‘It was a plot to lure me away so that he could approach Ms. Henry. If I were to return to an injured
employer, then I would’ve been tricked due to my carelessness.

Nolan gave off a faint smile. “The person that Mr. Henry sent to protect you is quite professional.”

Maisie curled her lips. “I didn’t expect you to turn to such a vulgar plan just to see me, Mr. Goldmann.”

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