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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 494

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Chapter 494

Nolan sat in the dimly lit study, rubbing his glabella until Quincy walked into the study with a glass of
warm water.

Over the years, Nolan had to rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep.

“Sir, do you need me to look into Ms. Vanderbilt’s affairs?”

That included how she had gotten involved with Mr. Henry and the paternity test.

Nolan’s eyes dimmed. “No, I’ve more or less already speculated about her relationship with the

It was obvious why Erwin would serve her mother back then and even protect Maisie up until today.

Nolan took out the medicine box and poured a pill onto his palm, but he did not take it immediately.

Quincy looked at him. “Ms. Vanderbilt surely provoked Roger as soon as she arrived in Stoslo. And I
think her appearance at Mr. David’s banquet tonight was to win Mr. David over to her side.”

The corners of Nolan’s lips raised inexplicably. “But they couldn’t have ever imagined that I had already
roped in Wesley.” ‘Not only Roger wouldn’t have thought of it, but Mr.

Henry wouldn’t have thought of it either.

‘Mr. Henry was clearly well-prepared long before he allowed Zee to come to Stoslo, which is why she
has the guts to go against Roger under broad daylight to snatch the territory that belongs to the de
Armas. I’m sure she’ll contact me again for the sake of the de Armas.’ Nolan took the sleeping pill.

Perhaps because he was eager to meet the woman that he wanted to see the most and needed to
relieve his lovesickness, he fell asleep even before the medicine took effect.

On the contrary, it was Maisie who could not sleep all night. She tossed and turned on her bed but still
could not fall asleep.

All she could think of was Nolan as soon as she closed her eyes, so she turned on the bedside lamp,
sat up, walked to the window, and opened the curtains.

The soft moonlight shone on her body, and there was a beauty that looked distinct, which branched
from the silence.

At that moment, she received a text message on her cell phone. She took a glance at the time-it should
be evening in Morwich now.

Strix: (I heard that someone has beaten you to getting into a collaboration with Mr. David?]

Maisie knew that it was Saydie who had told him that and replied: [Yeah, I’ve failed you.]

Strix: (Don’t take this as a failure, yoứ’ve done your best.) It looked like he was comforting her.

Maisie thought of something and typed: (Roger didn’t get to collaborate with him either, so I still have

Strix: [I’ve already sent someone to look for your grandfather’s whereabouts. And it’s getting late in
Stoslo already. Now, rest earlier. I don’t want to have a daughter who looks like a panda.]

Maisie chuckled, but the smile on the corner of her lips gradually faded. She looked up at the moon that
was hidden behind the thick


‘If none of those things had happened back then, what would I be doing right now?’

Nolan had just finished a call with someone when he received a call from an unknown number.

However, he answered it almost without hesitation,” Hello?”

Maisie’s hand, which was clenching her phone tightly, trembled once again upon hearing this familiar

‘He didn’t change his number after so many years! I only tried to call his old number, and it actually

‘D*mn! Who gave me such an incredible memory?’

Perhaps because she remained silent for a bit too long, his hoarse voice that came from the other end
of the call sounded a little amused. “I knew that you’d call me.”

Maisie was taken aback for a split second, gnashed her teeth, and smiled. “How did Mr. Goldmann
know that it’s me?”

‘leven changed my number!

Nolan was silent for a moment, but then replied slowly, “Intuition.”

He had not changed his contact information in the past three years, and all he had been waiting for was
Maisie to make this call someday in the future.

He had finally gotten what he had been waiting for. Maisie chuckled lightly as her eyes narrowed. “Mr.
Goldmann, you said that you want to partner up with me. What exactly is on your mind?”




Chapter 494

Nolan did not answer her directly but responded lightly, “Let’s meet and talk about it.”

Following the address Nolan had given her, Maisie brought Gaydie and two other bodyguards to the
East Island Villa.

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