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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 501

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Chapter 501

“Really? But I don’t have any recollection of meeting you before, Mr. Kent,” Maisie answered calmly as
she picked up the cup. “Did Prince Roger send you?”

Daniel looked at her but did not say anything.

Maisie lifted her head and smiled, “Are you here to accomplish what Mr. Shawn couldn’t, Mr. Keni?”

“I’m not looking for you because of the de Arma family.” Daniel replied. He poured himself a cup of tea
and smiled, but his smile did not reach his eyes. “I just want to make friends with you, Ms. Alice.”

Maisie chuckled as she stroked the rim of the cup with her fingertip. “Why don’t you tell me directly your
intention, Mr. Kent?”

Since Maisie had made it very clear, Daniel was not going to beat around the bush anymore. He said,
“I’m here to propose you a deal, Ms. Alice.”

She frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Just like what it sounds,” Daniel said as he put a name card on the table. “I want to make a deal with
you in exchange for the secret you want to know.”

Before Maisie could come around to her senses, Daniel rose to his feet. He tidied the suit he was
wearing and said, “I’m sure you will contact me, right, Ms. Alice?”

After that, he took his steps and left straight away.

while Maisie looked at the name card on the table and pondered for a long time.

Nolan did not come in the end.

After Maisie left Season’s Restaurant, she received a call.

“Ms. Vanderbilt, can you come over here?”

Judging from the voice, she knew it was Quincy.

However, Maisie was frustrated at the fact that Nolan had stood her up. She said, “Tell Nolan, if he
doesn’t want to come, then don’t say yes and stand me up!”

She hung up the call without waiting for Quincy to say anything.

Soon, she calmed down and felt somewhat regretsul for lashing at Quincy. She looked out of the car
window, and the light in her eyes slowly dimmed.

Once Maisie had hung up the call, Quincy turned around and went back into the room. He looked at the
doctor checking on Nolan and asked, “How’s Mr. Goldmann doing?”

The doctor removed his mask and shook his head,” Not good. The virus in his body has started
spreading. Given its speed, Mr. Goldmann won’t last for more than a year.”

Quincy’s expression changed. He knew that day would come, but he did not expect it to come so soon.
It had been three years. If nothing went sideways, Nolan could make it through next year.

Nolan’s condition got worse, and he wouldn’t survive until the next year.

Nolan was calling Maisie while he was unconscious. That was why Quincy had decided to call Maisie.
After all, Nolan had a date with Maisie, and he did not want her to misunderstand.

Soon, Titus arrived at the villa. Quincy reported the things the doctor had told him to Titus, and the
latter’s face sank little by little. “There’ s only one way to save Nolan’s life right now.”

Quincy was stunned. “There’s a way to save Mr. Goldmann?”

Taking a deep breath, Titus said slowly, “Unless we can find Strix. Other than Strix, no one can save

Shocked, Quincy said, “But Strix has gone missing for more than 30 years. Nobody knows where he is

After the epidemic 30 years ago, Strix had retired from the medical world. No one had ever seen him
ever since, so how were they going to find him?

“I don’t care if we can’t find him or not, we’re going to try to look for him.”

Titus did not have any other better choice anymore. After all, only Strix had researched the virus

The next day…

Maisie was having her breakfast when Saydię handed her a newspaper. The newspaper was talking
about the meeting between her and Daniel in Season’s


Chapter 501

Maisie put the newspaper on the table, and her expression changed. “There were reporters nearby?”

Saydie replied, “Maybe.”

Her meeting with Daniel had been exposed by the reporters. Was it a coincidence or was it a plan all

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