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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 503

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Chapter 503

Daniel gave her a meaningful smile and replied,” Nope. It wasn’t me. My men didn’t even get the
chance to make a move.”

Maisie was stunned.

‘Could it be that it was someone else who caused the incident in the amusement park three years

She then turned around and looked at the few men in black standing on the staircase, all of whom had
the same tattoo on the back of their hands.

‘Oh yeah, those people didn’t have any tattoos on the back of their hands, while Daniel’s men have
tattoos on the back of their hands. So, it was another group of people and not Daniel’s people!’

“Is it the prince’s men?”

“You’re smart, Ms. Vanderbilt,” Daniel said as he started to look at the woman before him in a different
light. “If not, how else would you have led Rowena, that stupid woman, into your trap three years ago?”

Maisie clenched her fist, and her face sank when Daniel mentioned Rowena. “Speaking of which, how
come I don’t see Ms. Summers around Mr. Kent anymore?”

Daniel caressed the rim of the cup with his fingertip and replied, “That stupid woman has betrayed me.

you think I’d still keep her by my side?”

‘Rowena has betrayed him?’ Maisie was shocked. Then, she saw a devilish smile crawl onto Daniel’s
face as he continued. “But still, I need to thank that stupid woman. If it hadn’t been for her, Nolan
wouldn’t have been infected with the virus.”

Maisie froze when she heard what Daniel said, and her fingertips slowly turned pale.

‘Nolan is infected with the virus? But… But how is that possible?’

Erwin had told her that Nolan was seriously ill. However, after seeing Nolan again, he seemed as fit as
a fiddle to her, and she thought he was just pretending to be sick.

Suddenly, she thought about how Nolan had forced her to get a divorce with him three years ago, and
her heart trembled.

‘Is it because he’s infected with the virus that he wanted to get a divorce with me?’

“How… How did he get infected with the virus?” Maisie asked in a low voice. She felt as if there was a
lump in her throat.

Daniel replied nonchalantly, “When he was shot, the virus was smeared on the bullet. I heard that he’s
going to die soon, right? He needs to rely on a wheelchair to get around, and he seems to be a sick
man on his death throes.”

“Are you the one who did it, Daniel?” Maisie asked. Her shoulders were shaking, and her eyes were
filled with despair.

Daniel shrugged but did not answer her question directly.

Maisie shot up from her seat, and the bodyguards on the staircase got into an attacking stance.

She stared at Daniel for a long while before turning around to leave.

Just when she was walking toward the door, Daniel’s voice rang out behind her. “If you want to save
him, get me the negative vote in Hernandez’s hands. Otherwise, I’ll make sure he’ll die the most painful

Maisie clenched her fists tightly and left the Kent mansion without turning her head.

After getting into the car, she said to Saydie, “Go to East Island Villa.”

Daniel’s words echoed in Maisie’s mind on the way, and anxiety and panic gradually crept into her


It was because Nolan had taken the shot for her three years ago that he was infected with the virus.

However, if Daniel really wanted to kill him, why would Nolan still need to take the shot for her? So, did
this mean that the bullet was actually meant for her?

Daniel had said that Rowena had betrayed her, so she was among the people he had sent back then.


If the person who had fired the shot wanted her to get infected with the virus, then that person must be
Rowena. After all, she was the only one who hated her to the core.

Rowena had defied the order and instead of shooting Nolan, she fired at her. Otherwise, Nolan
wouldn’t have taken the bullet for her.

Nolan was infected with the virus because of her.

“Why would it turn out this way?’

The car stopped outside of the East Island Villa.

Maisie got out of the car and ran inside, but she bumped into Titus and Quincy in the garden.

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Quincy was a little surprised to see Maisie here, and he asked, “Ms. Vanderbilt? You…”

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