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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 507

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Chapter 507

Nolan was startled, but a warm smile appeared on his face. “You’re here?”

Quincy cleared his throat. “Then I’ll take my leave first.”

He walked out of the room and closed the door on his way out.

Maisie walked up to Nolan and stood in front of him with an expressionless face. “Nolan, are you
planning to hide your infection from me until the day you die?”

Nolan raised his gaze and stared at her but did not answer.

Maisie leaned over to look at him, and her scarlet lips moved. “If you’re planning to die, please sign the
divorce papers before you do so . After all, it will be hard to remarry if I become a widow.”

Usually, when the concept of remarriage was mentioned in the past, Nolan would have expressed his
jealousy by now. However, he only smiled and looked at her with his gloomy eyes this time. “Have you
found your Mr. Right?”

Maisie stood up and shrugged. “Not yet. If I have to come up with someone that suits my taste, Helios
is not too bad, not to mention that he likes my kids so much. As long as he’s not married when I return
to Bassburgh, there might be more opportunity for us to

try things out.”

Nolan frowned slightly but said nothing.

Maisie raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Am I sensing a tad bit of reluctance?”

“Even if he’s willing to take you in, the Bouchers might not feel the same.” Nolan’s expression dimmed.

“Are you implying that I’m not worthy of the Bouchers with my current identity? No matter what, my
family has connections with the royal family, which makes me more significant and influential compared
to the rich and famous.”

Maisie chuckled lightly, raised her hand, and patted him on his shoulder, “Don’t worry, the Bouchers are
close to the Goldmanns. I can always visit the kids with Helios whenever I miss them in the future while
showing off my newly-wed husband in front of you.”

Seeing that Nolan’s expression was getting sulkier and sulkier, Maisie smiled even more proudly. “In
this case, you can leave in peace.”

Nolan turned his head away, not wanting to see her anymore.

‘If I were to die someday, it may not be because of the virus, but wrath.’

“What’s the matter?” Maisie sat down beside him deliberately. “Didn’t you want to make a match out of
Helios and me back then? I’m willing to be with him now. Are you still not happy about this?”

The corners of Nolan’s lips stiffened.

He kept quiet, ignoring everything she said.

‘She’s the only person in the world who can piss me off. However, I’m the one who brought all this upon
myself, so what can I do about. it?’

Maisie chuckled, stretched her hand out, pinched his cheek, and turned his head to make him face
her.” Nolan Goldmann, are you


“If you want to die young, you-”

Before Nolan could finish his sentence, Maisie had already taken the initiative to stick her cherry lips
onto his lips.

A hint of surprise flashed across Nolan’s eyes instantly, but he gradually took back the initiative and
turned the tide by placing his palm on the back of her head to intensify the kiss.

“Sir-” Quincy suddenly appeared at the door, frightening the two of them into separating from each
other swiftly.

He seemed to have seen something and felt a little embarrassed. “Ahem, err, Mr. David is here.”

Nolan nodded. “Bring him in.”

Maisie got up from the bed and walked to the side.

Soon, Wesley entered the room. “Mr. Goldmann.”

His gaze shifted on Maisie, who was still standing in the room. Maisie was not wearing a mask, so he
did not recognize her. “Who’s this

Nolan looked at Maisie with a trace of amusement shimmering at the bottom of his eyes. “She’s my.”

“I’m Alice.”

Nolan was caught off guard by her answer and was rendered speechless.


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Chapter 507

Wesley looked at Maisie in astonishment. She was wearing a mask the last time, so he couldn’t see
her face clearly. He didn’t expect

this. “You’re a brunette, M s. Henry?”

‘Isn’t she Mr. Henry’s daughter?’


Maisie stepped forward and replied with a smile, “I’m indeed a brunette, but I’m not Mr. Henry’s
biological daughter. He had a history with my mother. I don’t have any relatives now, so Mr. Henry took
me in as if I’m his daughter.”

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