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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 508

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Chapter 508

Wesley’s mind clicked, and he nodded. “I see, no wonder you’ve been wearing a mask.”

‘Mr. Henry claimed to the media that Alice is his biological daughter, but she is a brunette and her facial
features don’t give off any clue saying that she’s a mixed-blood. It’s only natural for her to be
questioned if she hadn’t been wearing a mask.

He then thought of something and stared at them.” Then have you two known each other for a long

Maisie shrugged while Nolan smiled bitterly.

After five minutes, Wesley sat himself down on the couch, and Quincy poured him a cup of coffee.

Nolan turned to look at him. “Wesley, is there an emergency?”

Wesley could not even care about taking a sip out of the mug as he had some urgent news to bring up.
He forced himself to calm dowr

and replied, “It’s true that this is an emergency. My men heard that Prince Roger had brought the
presidential election forward. Those people in the government, except my father and a few of my
father’s colleagues, have all been bribed by the prince.”

Nolan’s eyes narrowed slightly, but his voice sounded surprisingly calm. “They’re moving so quickly,

The election would not be taking place, at least not until the end of the month. He did not expect that
Prince Roger had already had his hands this deep in such governmental matters and was able to push
the election forward.

He was so blatant it was obvious he no longer cared about the Queen and the Millers.

“I didn’t expect Prince Roger to have the balls to do this too. Perhaps his forces are mature enough

Wesley frowned. “If the person he chooses becomes the next president, the people of Stoslo will surely

‘Roger is only a prince, and he’s already helping those nobles and unscrupulous businessmen in
squeezing every single ounce of benefit out of the citizens of Stoslo. Not only did they increase
taxation, but they also split the agricultural produce that the farmers had harvested among themselves.
Apart from that, the land that the farmers have worked so hard to cultivate doesn’t even belong to
them. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to see any changes?

‘These people are just cattle and donkeys who work for the nobles and the royalty.

Maisie put the teacup down. “What do the people think about this?”

Wesley was flustered and then shook his head. “A small number of people are protesting, but half of
the people are supportive of Roger’ s faction. Of course, those who are supporting him probably have
gotten quite a lot of benefits out of this.”

Nolan was about to say something, but he covered his mouth and coughed.

Quincy quickly handed him a glass of warm water.

Wesley was startled. “Mr. Goldmann, are you ill?”

Nolan clasped his palms together and said calmly, “It’s just the mild flu, I’m fine. Since Roger has
brought the election forward, then we should also bring our plan ahead.”

Maisie pursed her lips while her eyes were fixed on Nolan as she could not help but wonder, ‘How has
he survived like this for the past three years?

‘He’s been fighting against the torment of this infection alone. And he’s been enduring all these
sufferings all this while in secret.

‘He didn’t even let me know about it!

After Quincy sent Wesley away, Maisie was still sitting on the couch indifferently.

A faint smile appeared on Nolan’s face upon seeing she did not intend to leave, and he said in a low
voice,” Zee, do you wish to stay back to accompany me?”

Maisie was astounded. She returned to her senses slowly and curled her lips. “Don’t you want me to
stay with you, Mr. Goldmann?”

She then stood up and fastened the ribbon around her waist before Nolan could respond. “Then I shall
take my leave now.”

She walked past him, but he grabbed her hand,

Nolan dragged her into his arms and hugged her. The familiar scent and her soft body were all the
things that he could think of day and night but did not dare to indulge too much in them.

Nolan rested his chin on her shoulder, and the warm air that came out of his nose brushed against her
fair neck. “You’ve already delivered yourself to my doorstep. There’s no reason for me to send you

Maisie was willing to stay with him-this alone was already a luxury to him.

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