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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 517

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Chapter 517

“Your grandfather said your great-grandfather used to spend a lot of time in the study room. I think he
should have kept the clues that your greatgrandfather left behind.”

Maisie returned to her senses. “The study room at the de Arma mansion?”

‘That’s right. Grandpa should have known that those people would come for him, and he would
definitely have prepared for this in advance.

Nolan grabbed Maisie’s hand and said, “Zee, there are two reasons I don’t want to disclose my
conditions. One was I didn’t want you to know about it, and second, I’m guessing that they wouldn’t
dare to disclose it.”

He had been infected with the virus for three years, yet the media still did not know what illness he had
until this day. In other words, he had won the bet.

Since someone was doing the experiment and the election was around the corner, the virus would only
be more detrimental to them if it were made public before the election.

“Just like you said, the only way to prevent the election from happening is for me to disclose the truth
about my infection.” Nolan said in a serious manner,” Zee, it’s going to become very dangerous from
now on.

I hope that you can”

Maisie smiled and cut him off. “Hope that I can stay out of this?”

Nolan did not say anything.

“Since I’m already here in Stoslo, that means I’m already in the game. Besides, I need to get back at
Daniel as well.”

After she finished speaking, she rose to her feet. “I want to go to the de Arma mansion.”

Saydie stopped the car in front of the gate of the de Arma mansion. Ever since Hernandez had gone
missing, the gate of the de Arma mansion had been locked up.

The maple tree in the courtyard had turned red, gradually replacing the green leaves.

Maisie got out of the car. She turned her head to look at Saydie, and the latter went forward to knock
on the door. However, nobody

came to answer the door even after they waited for a long while.

They reckoned that the servants must have left, so Saydie kicked the door open.

Both of them walked into the living room. The tea on the table had dried up. A few teacups were
knocked over, and there were some brown stains on the white tablecloth.

Most of the valuable stuff was still in the living room, and it seemed to them that the servants had left in
a hurry.

“Miss, there’s a bullet in this broken vase. There are also bullet marks on the wall.”

Saydie squatted down and picked up the bullet from the vase fragment in the corner as a layer of ash
fell from the root of the wall.

Maisie nodded. “I think they must have taken away the servants.”

Suddenly, she thought of something and rushed upstairs. As she expected, it was a mess in the study

Their target was the study room!

Then, her phone rang.

She pulled her phone out, and her face sank when she saw the name.

She answered the call and put it near her ear.

A low chuckle came from the other side of the line. “Ms. Vanderbilt, you’re in the de Arma mansion

The corner of Maisie’s mouth curled up as she replied, “Did you send someone to keep an eye on me
again, Mr. Kent?”

“Unfortunately, my men over there saw you,” Daniel chuckled, “You’re looking for the truth about the
outbreak that happened 30 years ago, right, Ms.

Vanderbilt?” “I already know the truth. It doesn’t matter to me if I can find it or not.”

Maisie walked up to the window and looked toward the garden in the backyard. “Let me guess. The
reason you asked your men to stay around the de Arma mansion is to get rid of my grandfather when
he returns, right?”

Daniel laughed and said, “You’re smart, Ms.

Vanderbilt. However, it’s not a good thing to be too smart sometimes.”

Maisie’s face sank. “Are you going to kill me as well, Mr. Kent?”

Tel 517

course, not. Why would you think that way? You’re my precious pawn to fight against Nolan. As long as
I have you in my hands, what you think Nolan will do?”

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