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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 516

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Chapter 516

Maisie spoke again. “Three years ago, Uncle Erwin told me that the outbreak of the virus 30 years ago
was caused by a group of people.

They were studying the virus, and those people were the nobles.”

Wesley was stunned. His face was turning pale as he stammered, “The nobles? They were studying
the virus?”

Maisie turned around and continued. “My grandfather is the only person who knows everything about
the outbreak 30 years ago. However, he’s gone missing.”

She rested her chin on one hand and said, “They made their move on my grandfather on the election
year because they knew he would expose what they had done 30 years ago on the election day.”

Getting the negative vote was just a diversion. If that was what they really wanted, they wouldn’t have
to push Hernandez so far to the point that she couldn’t even find him right now.

Wesley clenched his fists tightly and said, “It seems like the accident during the two years of my
grandfather’s presidency should also be related to the virus.”: –

After that, he turned to look at Nolan and asked,” When did you get infected with the virus?”

Setting his jaw tightly, Nolan replied, “Three years


Wesley was stunned. “Then the doctor and the few nurses that got killed three years ago…”

Nolan nodded.

Maisie put her phone on the table and said, “It’s Daniel who ordered Rowena to infect you with the

Nolan frowned deeply, and his gaze turned deep.

“I recorded my conversation with him that day at the restaurant. At the very least, we can prove that
he’s still in possession of the ingredients for the new virus research with the recording.”

She played the recording. However, the recording was breaking and filled with noises. They couldn’t
hear anything clearly at all.

When she realized that they had lost their evidence, Maisie’s expression changed.

“How could this be…”

Although Nolan seemed to be smiling, his smile did not reach his eyes. “It seems that he was already
watching out for you when he revealed everything. I guess he should’ve brought an audio jammer with

“Daniel is very cunning. He doesn’t trust anyone around him, and even the prince trusts Robert and
Gregory more than him.”

Wesley got to his feet after he finished speaking.”

However, if we’re going to start from the matter about the virus, there’s one more person who can help
us. I’ll give him a call now.”

Maisie had been under the impression she had outwitted Daniel and gotten something on him, but it
turned out that she had overestimated herself.

She had been defeated by Daniel many times, and she swore that she would get back at him one day.

Nolan picked up a glass and chuckled when he saw the unconvinced expression on Maisie’s face.
“Zee, do you know why I haven’t disclosed my condition until now?”

Maisie turned her head around to look at him.

He took a sip from the coffee and said, “Three years ago, your grandfather came to me and told me
about the outbreak back then.”

Maisie was dumbfounded. She sat beside him and asked, “My grandfather told you before?”,

“Yes,” He turned to meet her gaze. They were so close that they could sense the heat of the breath
from each other. “The virus your mother was infected with was the so-called vaccine the Kents had
given to your grandfather.”

Those vaccines had been the virus.

Back then, the nobles had claimed to have a vaccine against the virus to the public, but it was very
expensive. Thus, they had sold it to those merchants, who sold it to the market at a high price,

This was also the reason those who had used the vaccines were still infected with the virus.

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