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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 519

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Chapter 519

“She was only 14 when she arrived in Stoslo. She couldn’t speak their language and had to live in the
slums with her family, not knowing when the next meal would come.

“At that time, people in the slums were not treated as human beings at all by the people of the upper
class. They had no human rights and had to be obedient brutes.

“In order to make a living, some of the people in the slums would send their daughters to become
servants of the rich and powerful.

“The girl was one of them, and her parents sold her to an old, wealthy merchant who had no children in
exchange for money.

“She didn’t have a good life either after her parents sold her to the old wealthy merchant. He would
beat her up from time to time, and she did not get enough food to eat or sleep. She was barely living a
human life.

“Later, she decided to change her life. She worked hard at learning their language and tried her best to
please the old wealthy merchant. She even took the initiative to keep his guests company.

“Using her youth and beautiful face to her full advantage, she was able to please those guests and
bring in a lot of wealth to the old wealthy merchant.

“The old wealthy merchant was delighted, and he took her, an insignificant servant, in as his foster
daughter. However, she also turned herself into a person she disliked.

“The silver lining was that luck was on her side. When the old wealthy merchant died of illness a few
years later, the woman rightfully inherited all his property and turned herself into a socialite of the upper

“The woman was 25 years old when she met her dream man. He was a doctor who had returned from
studying abroad.

“He was an ambitious, motivated, and aspirant young man. Unfortunately, he failed the postgraduate
entrance examination, and in frustration, he met the woman. He was different from those men who tried
to win her favor through flattery, and he quickly gained the woman’s heart.

“The woman admired him very much, and she decided to support his career. The two of them
supported each other for three years, and then they got married.

“The woman was bent on helping his career. He wanted to develop a medicine that could inhibit cancer
and even disease. They started with experiments on patients with terminal cancer, but none of them

“For the sake of the man’s career, the woman even brought her parents, who had ruthlessly sold her to
the old wealthy merchant, and used them for this dangerous experiment.

“In the end, neither of her parents got sick that year. Even her father had shown signs of recovery from
his cancer, and they thought they had succeeded until the nobles and the royal family found out what
they were doing.

“The man won the honor, while the woman was pregnant. She stayed at home and waited for the child
to be born.

“However, the man wanted more after he obtained power and wealth, and he soon grew tired of the
woman. He began to find all sorts of excuses to avoid the woman, and he was not happy even after the
woman gave birth to a baby boy for him.

“The man was not content with what he had now. He wanted to be the son-in-law of the royal family, so
he went out of his way to woo the eldest daughter of the emperor, who was more beautiful and of more
noble status than his wife.

“Unfortunately, the eldest princess was born with all the glory, wealth, and power. She might even be
the future queen, so no matter what he did, she always gave him the cold shoulder. Besides, as
someone as prideful as she was, how could she possibly fall for a married man?

“The man tried his very best to win the eldest princess ‘heart but to no avail. However, he was not
going to give up just like that. In the end, he came up with a plan. He was going to arrange an accident
for the eldest princess when she came to the slums to appease the crowd, and then he would swoop in
and save her as a hero.

“However, before he could do anything, the eldest princess was rescued by an insignificant hoodlum in
the slums. The hoodlum even ended up being the eldest princess’ royal guard.

“The man was not happy with the outcome. This was because the eldest princess had been treating
him like invisible, yet she was treating the hoodlum with respect.”

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