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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 525

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Chapter 525

Nolan stopped moving forward and did not look back.” I’m not afraid of dying. I’m only afraid of dying in
front of her.”

He turned his head. “Get Wayion to come over to accompany her tomorrow.” The next day…

Maisie was sitting on the bed, reading the newspaper.

Sure enough, after Daniel died and the truth about the virus was exposed, those people really put all
the blame onto the Kents.

They did not even mention what they had done with the Kents. They had used the Kents to study this
technology, so much so that the Kents had fallen and Daniel had died for their scheme in the end.

They did not even have to worry about being implicated. “Mommy!”

Maisie turned around upon hearing that voice and looked out the door in surprise.

Her eyes turned bloodshot in an instant. “Wayion!?”

Wayion dashed to the bed, and Maisie hugged him.” Wayion, is this you? Mommy missed you so

The children were now eight years old, and they had

only been three tiny rugrats back then. Although they had only not seen each other for three years, it
felt like decades to her.

Wayion also hugged her. “Mommy, we missed you too! We’re all waiting for you to come home!

“Mommy, don’t cry.” Wayion wiped her tears for her.

Seeing that her son was feeling sorry for her, Maisie wiped away her tears and gave off a wide grin.

“Okay, I am not dreaming, right?” She held his tender cheeks in her palms.

‘He’s my Wayion.

‘I didn’t expect Wayion to appear by my side over here in Stoslo:

Wayion shook his head. “Mommy, you’re certainly not dreaming.”

“Yeah, I’m not dreaming.” Maisie got to touch her son in the flesh, so how could she be dreaming?

“You’re growing so quickly. You’re at almost the same height as I am when I’m sitting on the bed. I
wonder if Colton and Daisie are like you now.”

‘He’s truly carved out of the same mold as Nolan.

“Colton and Daisie are definitely not as tall as me. I’m almost at 5 feet now.”

Wayion’s expression looked solemn. “I’ll be able to protect you, Colton, and Daisie once I grow up.”

Maisie paused for a short second and then raised her arm to rub his head. “Actually, I don’t want you to
grow up. It’s all because of my incapability. I hadn’t been able to be by your side when you needed me

“We don’t blame you, Mommy.”

Maisie gave off a slightly distressed smile.

‘Yes, the kids won’t blame me, but after all, I wasn’t able to accompany them and be with them all this

At this time, Saydie appeared outside the ward with a bouquet. “Ma’am.”

“You aren’t hurt, are you?”

Saydie shook her head, walked to the bedside, and inserted the flowers into the vase. “How are you

Maisie smiled. “I’m feeling much better now.”

After saying that, she spoke to Wayion. “Wayion, she’s Sister Saydie.”

Wayion nodded politely at Saydie. “Sister Saydie.”

Saydie was astonished. “Who is he?”

Maisie replied with a smile, “He’s my son.”

“He’s you and Mr. Goldmann’s son?” Saydie looked at Wayion’s appearance, which indeed resembled
that of Nolan.

This also explained why Maisie had such a subtle connection with Nolan.

Maisie did not deny it and thought of something.” Does Mr. Henry know about this?”


Chapter 525

Saydie nodded. “Mr. Henry will arrive the day after tomorrow. He’s very worried about you.”

Maisie lowered her eyes.

‘Strix has been treating me very well as if I am his biological daughter. I was the one who insisted on
coming to Stoslo to intervene in the de Armas’ affairs. He even reassigned Saydie to me, but I’ve made
him worry, after all.’

Two days later…

Maisie was re-examined in the hospital and found there was nothing wrong with her body. Thus, she
asked Saydie to go through the discharge procedures for her.

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