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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 533

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Chapter 533

After a short while, Nolan closed the book and said,” Let’s go and meet them.”

The Regent Restaurant was situated in the eastern region of Ambergate Street. It was the largest
restaurant in Ambergate Street, known as “The Pearl of Ambergate”.

The vintage buildings here added a touch of antiquity to the street. The street was filled with different
stores, such as pawn stores, themed restaurants, jewelry stores, hotels, banks, cales, and many more.
Most of the people were locals, but there were some foreigners as well.

Two groups of people stood inside Sky One, the largest private room in the Regent Restaurant.

A waiter was standing by the table while serving tea.

Titus picked up a cup of tea and asked, “So you’re Ms. Reynolds? Can you tell me more about you?”

The woman sitting across the table was wearing a white blazer lined with a black shirt. She looked
smart and professional.

She had put on makeup and sported shoulder-length hair that she collected neatly at the back of her
ears. Her facial features were attractive, and she looked sharp.

Sue chuckled and replied, “My father is from Zlokova, while my mother is from Jakukari. I grew up with
my father in Stoslo, and since my father loves tea, I picked up the habit 100.”

“I see.” Titus put the cup down and said, “You said Strix is your teacher? Where is he now?”

“He doesn’t allow me to tell anyone about his whereabouts. However, he asked me to bring something
to you.”

Sue asked a man behind to bring her a bronze case. She opened the case, and the golden velvet that
lined the walls of the case was to prevent the object from breaking.

When the carefully wrapped piece was presented in front of Titus, he was stunned.

“This is…”

“The earliest version of the sleeper virus,” Sue said nonchalantly. “It was developed by Dr. Kent back
then. Unfortunately, Dr. Kent’s research failed. My teacher used this to develop the vaccine for the
sleeper virus 30 years ago.”

It was true that Strix was the one who had prevented the spreading of the outbreak from 30 years ago.
Titus was well-aware of this.

While he was thinking, he asked, “Then, can he cure the virus in my grandson’s body?”

Sue lowered her head and replied, “Although my teacher has been living in seclusion for many years,
I’m sure he won’t sit idly by when he learns that the sleeper virus still exists.”

“Please, you’ve got to ask Strix to help my grandson. He doesn’t have much time left. As long as Strix
can save him, I can give him as much money as he wants,” Titus said.

At the same time, two figures appeared outside of the door.

Quincy slowly walked into the private room while pushing a wheelchair. Nolan, who sat in the
wheelchair, crossed his fingers and put them on his body. There was no expression on his face.

“Nolan? What are you doing here?” Titus was stunned. He then looked toward Quincy.

Quincy replied helplessly, “Mr. Goldmann insisted on coming here.”

When Sue looked at Nolan, a myriad of emotions crossed her eyes.

Nolan looked at the woman in front of him and smiled faintly. “It’s a shame that I couldn’t meet Mr. Strix

Sue replied to him calmly with a smile, “I’m sure you will have the chance after he comes out of his

“Nolan, this is Ms. Reynolds. She’s Mr. Strix’s apprentice and assistant. Ms. Reynolds will inform

Strix about your condition. All you need to do right now is get some more rest. It’s time for you to get
some rest and leave other things alone.”

Nolan smiled meaningfully and said, “Well, thank you very much, Ms. Reynolds.”

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