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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 537

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Chapter 537

Titus relaxed and smiled upon hearing this answer.” Okay, that’s great.”

Quincy’s expression looked obviously surprised.


‘The virus is actually under control? But if this person isn’t Strix, who else would have such an ability?
Could it be that both my guess and that of Mr. Goldmann are wrong?’

The corner of Sue’s lips raised, and she gave off a smile. “Mr. Goldmann, do you trust my teacher

Titus had obtained that good result he wanted, so it was only natural for him to be more willing to
believe in her. “It’s really thanks to Mr

Salazar. I’ll remember the kindness that you’ve shown the Goldmanns for the rest of my life, so feel
free to bring anything up to me if you need it in the future.”

“There’s no need for such a strong promise, Mr.

Goldmann. My teacher has spent his life doing this research, and there’s nothing he needs. He’s
satisfied a s long as he can help more people.”

Titus deeply appreciated Sue’s modest and reserved answer. “If you have any needs in the future, just
speak up. There’s no need for you to be polite with us Goldmanns.”

“I will.” Sue lowered her gaze and smiled. There was a vague hint of coldness at the bottom of her

Maisie arrived at an airport in Stoslo, walked to the exit, and saw Saydie standing in front of the car,
waiting for her.

Seeing that Maisie’s face was still looking a little pale, Saydie frowned, “Ma’am, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Get me to the hospital.” Maisie got into the car in a hurry.

Soon, Saydie stopped the car in front of the hospital, and Maisie rushed toward the inpatient
department without stopping.


She arrived at the nurse’s station and asked them about the location of Nolan’s ward. She then walked
toward the VIP ward.

As soon as she reached the door, she saw a woman leaning on Nolan’s body. Their lips were only
inches away from each other, and Nolan was grabbing her wrist, but it did not seem like he was
planning to push her away.

Nolan was astounded when he saw Maisie. He released Sue’s hand immediately and said with a calm
expression on his face, “Zee, why are you here?”

Maisie and Sue exchanged glances. “I’m sorry that I didn’t come at the right time. I seem to have
disturbed Mr. Goldmann’s date with this gorgeous lady?”

This woman had eye-catching facial features that gave others an oppressive sensation. She looked

prepossessing in appearance, and her beauty felt rather aggressive and offensive.

Her face looked like it was perfectly carved. It was almost perfect but also imperfect at the same time.

To Maisie, she exuded a vaguely familiar aura, but her face did not remind her of where she had seen
her before this.

Nolan knew that Maisie had misunderstood, and his smile widened and deepened. “I don’t have any
extra space in my eyes for any woman other than you. This is Strix’s apprentice.”

Sue stood up and nodded to Maisie with a smile-every single move that came out of her was elegant
and graceful.

When Maisie heard the phrase “Strix’s apprentice”, she understood something in an instant, and the
corners of her lips curled coldly. “Oh ? Then I’m really cut off from what’s going on in the world. I didn’t
know that Strix has such a young and pretty apprentice.”

Sue’s expression stayed the same as she let off a smile. “This young lady seems to be Mr. Goldmann’s
friend. Since someone has come to take care of Mr. Goldmann and I still have something to attend to,
I’ll take my leave first.”

She then left the ward with her head lowered, looking rather submissive and humble.

Nolan stared at her back as she stepped out. His eyes looked so gloomy, as if they were bottomless,
and nobody knew what was going on in his mind.

“You seem very distracted. I’ll go and get her back here for you if you’re so reluctant to see her leave,
Mr. Goldmann.” Maisie turned around but was pulled into Nolan’s arms by brute force.

Maisie was flustered as she noticed that the coldness in his eyes had subsided.

Nolan smiled at her, “I’ve only not seen you for half a month, and you’ve grown so jealous?”

“Who told you that I’m jealous?” Maisie broke her arm free from Nolan’s grasp.

‘l traveled here all the way from Morwich, but all I saw was the two of them acting so intimately as soon
as I entered the door. They were only inches away from kissing and getting all over each other.’

Nolan chuckled softly and turned her around to make her face him. “And you’re still saying that you’re
not jealous?”

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