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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 536

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Chapter 536

Erwin stopped beside her. “Are you feeling better?”

Maisie nodded with a smile. “I’m almost fully recovered. By the way, Uncle Erwin, have your men found
any information about my

grandfather in Stoslo?”

Erwin was slightly astonished, then shook his head.” Not yet.”

Maisie lowered her eyes upon hearing this.

‘I haven’t heard any news about my grandfather so far, and I’m afraid things are getting more ominous
than propitious!

Maisie stood up slowly. “I want to go back to Stoslo.”

“You can’t go back now.”

“Why?” Maisie was stunned for a moment. She then asked when she saw Erwin’s slightly gloomy face,
“Did something happen?”

Erwin did not hide anything from her. “Someone developed a new vaccine in Stoslo using Strix’s
identity, and this has caused a huge commotion in the country. The fall of the Kents had just taken
place after the disappearance of Hernandez, but someone actually impersonated Ştrix to develop a
new vaccine at this exact time. This is strange, and I’m afraid the situation isn’t as simple as it seems to

‘Impersonated Strix!? Someone actually faked Strix’s identity and developed a new vaccine?’

Maisie’s eyes narrowed slightly. “The Kents were the only known party who studied the virus in Stoslo.
However, Daniel’s now dead, so who would pretend to be Strix?”

And why would he use Strix’s identity? Does he plan to use Strix’s fame to get more benefits out of this
situation? But if he’s just using Strix’s identity for his reputation, he shouldn’t have created such a huge
uproar. He would only be punished by law if he were to be found out to be a fraud.

‘However, he must be someone who has genuine skills if he dares to make such a huge commotion:

Erwin shook his head. “Strix is perhaps the only person who knows that.”

Maisie wanted to say something, but her cell phone rang all of a sudden, and she picked up Quincy’s

“Ms. Vanderbilt, when are you coming back? Mr. Goldmann is…”

The city of Zena was having a cloudy day, and the environment looked overcast and dusky. The
prosperous city seemed to have lost its hue and was shrouded in a layer of gloom.

Nolan’s condition worsened rapidly, and he was even admitted to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

Titus was wandering up and down in the corridor in a hurry, not knowing how things would turn out.

“Elder Master Goldmann.”

“Ms. Reynolds?”

Titus turned around and saw Sue walking up to him with someone else.

He then watched as Sue stopped in front of him and said, “Don’t worry. Mr. Goldmann will be fine with
my teacher here.”

“Can Strix really cure him?” It was not that Titus did not believe in Strix. He was just not sure.

A cryptic and seemingly insensitive emotion flashed across Sue’s eyes. “My teacher has a Ph.D. from
St. Neil’s Medical University. He certainly won’t joke around with someone’s life.

“My teacher will definitely be able to cure Mr.

Goldmann with the new vaccine he developed, and it’ll surely make him rise from the ashes just like a

Quincy came out of the corridor, saw Titus talking with Sue, and his expression turned sullen

He walked over and suggested, “Elder Master Goldmann, we still don’t know how effective that new
vaccine is. Wouldn’t it be inappropriate for us to agree to use it on Mr. Goldmann?”

“Sir, do you suspect that there’s something wrong with the vaccine that my teacher developed?” Sue
asked with a calm expression. “My teacher has done many experiments on the vaccine. He knows a lot
about the sleeper virus, and things won’t go wrong.”

Titus placed his hand on Quincy’s shoulder. “Let’s just believe in it for once.”

“Elder Master Goldmann, you…” Quincy tightly clenched the hands that were hanging beside him, but
he could not express his suspicion in full when he recalled that Nolan had told him they should not
startle their opponents.

The doctor came out of the Intensive Care Unit at this time.

Titus stepped forward instantly and asked, “How is it?”

Chapter 536

The doctor took off his mask and replied with a smile, “The effect of the vaccine looks positive. The
virus in Mr. Goldmann’s body is now under control, but he still needs to be hospitalized for further

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