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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 544

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Chapter 544

“Zee, do you know Sue Reynolds?” Nolan’s gaze was fixed on her as if he had understood something
from her expression.

Maisie replied after a short while, “This is impossible. She’s not Sue.”

Quincy was shocked. He looked at Nolan and asked immediately, “Ms. Vanderbilt, what do you mean
by that?”

‘Isn’t she Sue Reynolds?’

Maisie pursed her lips slightly. “I met Sue Reynolds while I was still living in Stoslo nine years ago. She
is of mixed ethnicity from East Eurasia, her father is a Caucasian from Zlokova, and her mother came
from Jakukari and is of oriental origin. She’s definitely a student who graduated from Turner Institute of
Art and went through an internship in Luxella Inc.

However, she doesn’t look like this.”

‘Sue Reynolds. I can totally understand this if it’s just the same first and last name. But her identity,
background, and information listed on this document are exactly the same as that of Sue’s. The only
difference is that the person in the photo is not the Sue that I know.

‘That face, that temperament, I can’t even feel the slightest similarity that I get from the Sue that I know

from my memory. Her voice sounds different. As for her eyes, they are totally out of the question. The
Sue that I know has almond-shaped eyes, and they look very soulful and profound.

‘As for this Sue, she has a pair of fox eyes that have slightly raised corners, which exudes a keen,
stern, and distant aura.’

“Could it be plastic surgery?” Quincy asked.

Maisie shook her head. “Even if Sue underwent plastic surgery, it’s impossible not to have the slightest
resemblance to her original

appearance. The Sue that I know is only 5’2 in height. Now the Sue that we’re looking at in this photo,
she’s at least 5’5 even when she’s not in heels.”

Maisie had only felt familiar when she heard Quincy mentioning Sue’s name. As soon as she skimmed
through her information, it looked exactly the same as the information of the Sue Reynolds that she
knew from nine years ago.

‘Sue was assigned to work in my department when she was an intern in Luxella. It’s impossible for me
to mistake Sue for someone else when I ran into her in person.

‘Therefore, this woman who’s named Sue is definitely not the Sue that I know.’

Quincy was stunned.

‘The Sue Reynolds in the picture is indeed not wearing high heels, and she looks quite tall!

Nolan tapped his fingertips against the table and said faintly, “The heavy makeup that she applies on
her face is indeed used to cover up the traces of the plastic surgeries that she had undergone.”

Maisie crossed her arms and recalled something all of a sudden. “When you told me that you were
looking at her face in the hospital, this is what you meant back then?”

Nolan chuckled. “Otherwise, do you really think she can get my attention with that face?”

Maisie curled the corners of her lips and said nothing.

“Mr. Goldmann, if she’s not Sue Reynolds, won’t the people who surround her know that?”

‘Even if she has undergone plastic surgery, they should know, shouldn’t they?’

Nolan lowered his gaze. “If she wants to falsify her identity without being noticed by others, she’s not
that capable alone. Someone must be helping her from behind the scene.”

Maisie leaned against the side of the desk. “Indeed, after all, things like height can be falsified too.
They don’t prove anything.”

She then raised her eyebrows. “It seems that I have to pay Luxella a visit already. Luxella’s human
resources department should still have Sue’s information.”

“Do you want me to accompany you?” Nolan was worried about her.

Maisie walked to the study entrance, stopped, turned around, and smirked. “Your health is more
important, just stay here and be the man who hides behind me.”

Nolan chuckled.

Saydie drove through the streets, and Maisie got out of the car as soon as the car stopped outside

After Saydie went to park the car, the two stepped into the bright white lobby.

Sue was still working in Luxellà when I resigned and left, but we haven’t been in contact ever since my
resignation. I really don’t know what happened to her

Saydie went to the counter and said something to the receptionist. She then came back after a few
minutes. ” Ma’am, the board of

Chapter 544

directors of the Luxella has changed, and so has the owner.”

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