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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 548

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Chapter 548

Nolan took a quick glance at Sue. “She thought that something happened between Ms. Reynolds and

Sue looked surprised, but the shock immediately dissipated, and she laughed, “Oh, you were talking
about that woman? I’m sorry, I didn’t know what happened would cause any problems.”

“That’s ridiculous. Ms. Reynolds saved Nolan. Where was she when Nolan was gravely sick?” Titus
didn’t look happy.

“Since you’re divorced, you should cut ties. If she cared about you, where was she when you were

When Nolan had been hospitalized, Maisie had never shown up. If it weren’t for Sue and the so-called
Strix’s vaccine, how could he have recovered so quickly?

Even though Maisie was innocent in the incident three years ago, Nolan was true to her. Titus felt bad
for her for losing her child, her father, and Cherie, but he didn’t want his grandson to be involved in an
accident either. He should have cut ties.

Sue listened intently..

She had learned about their divorce that year and finally appeared in front of him with a different
identity after hiding for three years as’ Sue Reynolds’. She then gained Titus’ trust again..

However, she didn’t expect that Maisie was still alive. Nonetheless, being alive didn’t mean anything. If
she could cause an accident back then, she could make it happen again.

She collected her thoughts and pretended to be surprised. “That lady is your ex-wife?”

“Are you not married yet, Ms. Reynolds?” Nolan swirled the wine glass in his hand, and the wine
sloshing around reflected a glimmer under the lights.

Sue paused and looked down. “Not yet. Mr. Salazar gave me a lot of work. I don’t have time to be in a

Nolan casually asked, “But you have someone in mind?”

Sue pressed her lips together, smiled, and looked at him. “Why are you asking?”

“No reason,” He drank all the wine, His Adam’s apple moved, and there was a sexiness and wildness
to it.

After not seeing him for three years, he had become more mature and sophisticated, more elegant.
Even his eyes were deep and unreadable.

She was madly in love with his cool elegance, decisiveness, sharpness, and how unperturbed by the
world he was.

She was jealous of Maisie and hated her because she received all his love.

After Nolan had taken the bullet for Maisie three years ago, she had fallen apart and started resenting
Maisie. Nolan was willing to die for her.

Since she was back and they were divorced, if ‘Strix’ could heal Nolan, would this touch him?

After the meal, Titus walked to the door and turned to say to Quincy, “Send Ms. Reynolds back.”

Quincy looked at Nolan and saw that he wasn’t against it, so he nodded.

Sue pushed her hair behind her ear and smiled. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll get a cab.”

“Don’t be shy. We can’t let you take the cab after inviting you over. Let them send you.” Titus waved his
arm and got in the car,

Sue turned around to look at Nolan and Quincy.” Thank you, then.”

In the car…

Nolan and Sue were in the backseat.

Sue turned to look at him. “Don’t you plan to explain yourself to that lady?”

His eyes were calm. “There’s nothing to explain.”

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