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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 557

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Chapter 557

Nolan lifted his head. “This is Strix’s vaccine. Even if it doesn’t work, at least it won’t kill me.”

Quincy was bewildered as if he was guessing which” Strix” Nolan was referring to.

“You should’ve prepared for the press conference that’s going to take place in two days, shouldn’t
you?” Nolan asked.

Quincy returned to his senses. “Yes.”

Nolan smiled as he folded the newspaper and then looked out of the window coldly. “That should be
very interesting.”

At the press conference two days later…

The reporters and media outlets that were present were looking forward to this moment.

After all, if the vaccine had cured Nolan, it would be a miracle in the history of the medical world.

The sleeper virus had swept across Stoslo in the past, causing many deaths. After the fall of the Kents,
the news about the fake vaccines had made the public even more exasperated.

A man-made disaster had almost dragged the entire Stoslo into hell, and the vaccine that Strix had
developed back then, which could control the spread of the virus, was already very powerful.

Nolan was sitting in a wheelchair and was being pushed by Quincy, and both of them appeared in front
of the media.

The woman standing next to him was Sue, an apprentice of “Strix” who had been appearing on the
news rather frequently in recent days

The reporters scrambled to start the interview. “Mr. Goldmann, it’s reported that you’ve been infected
with the sleeper virus, and you’re the only person in the world who’s infected with this mutated strain of
the virus. How do you feel after getting vaccinated?”

“Mr. Goldmann, is the vaccine effective? Can it really cure the sleeper virus?” Nolan’s facial features
gradually became clear under the bright flashes of the cameras. He was sitting in a wheelchair, wearing
a dark suit, and the collar of his shirt was tall enough to cover his Adam’s apple.

He looked handsome, graceful, and did not look like a person who was infected by a virus.

Nolan clasped his hands together by intertwining the ten delicate, pale knuckles, then placed them on
his thighs. In the next instant, a wide smile appeared on his emotionless face. “The vaccine is indeed

All the reporters were surprised and excited upon hearing this.

When the reporter asked if the vaccine was fake, Sue gave off a smile and answered the reporter’s
incisive question, “The vaccine developed by my teacher would never be fake. It’s all thanks to my
teacher that Mr. Goldmann has a chance to recover this time around.”

One of the reporters asked, “Since Mr. Salazar is your teacher, can you ask him to come forward for an

Sue’s expression looked a little stiff, but she responded without giving off any emotional fluctuation
through her expression, “My teacher is focusing on studying the vaccine now. I’m afraid that he won’t
be accepting any interviews, so please-”

The doors of the hall were suddenly opened, and the silhouette that appeared on the floor all of a
sudden gradually elongated under the light.

Everyone present stopped every single task on hand and looked in the direction of the door.

A few bodyguards followed the middle-aged man who entered the room.

“Why is Mr. Henry here?”

“This is Mr. Henry of the Metropolis. He rarely appears in front of the public, but he actually shows up
here?” The reporters were all , surprised.

Mr. Henry was the head of the Metropolis of Morwich, and the royal family of Morwich highly valued
him. Considering his financial status, reputation, and influence, he was on a par with the nobles.

When Sue saw him, there was a subtle change in her expression. This was not her first time dealing
with a member of the Metropolis-she knew exactly how difficult it was for them to handle the Metropolis.

‘Not even Roger dares to make a rash move on the Metropolis, not to mention that his daughter
defeated Daniel.

I’ve read the news before this. His daughter, Alice Henry, was courting Nolan back then but was
indifferently rejected by Nolan. I guess it was because of Maisie’s presence. ‘But so what if Maisie is
still alive? Even if she’s Hernandez de Arma’s granddaughter, the de Armas can’t even protect
themselves now as Hernandez is still nowhere to be found, and his whereabouts are unknown. Besides
that, Nolan has divorced her. What ground does


Chapter 557

she have when it comes to fighting over Nolan with me?’

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