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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 556

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Chapter 556

“What? The vaccine was snatched?” Adrian grasped the bodyguard’s shoulder, and his expression
changed drastically. “Who snatched it from you?”

The bodyguard lowered his head. “It’s the prince’s men.”

Adrian let go of him, walked back to the desk, gritted his molars, and listened to the bodyguard as he
continued to explain how they had gotten stopped when they were on their way back. There were many
of them, all of them with guns, and their target was the suitcase.

Adrian picked up a cigarette packet and smacked it against his palm, but it was already empty, so he
slammed the packet to the floor.” D*mn it!”

‘We finally got our hands on Strix’s vaccine for our research, but Roger’s men snatched it!’ He knew
that Strix had come up with two top-notch antibodies back then, and those two antibodies could control
the condition of patients who were infected by the sleeper virus. Of course, it could only help patients in
the middle stage of the infection.

Those two antibodies contained genetic factors that could isolate the infected cells. Although the
probability was very small, great discoveries might follow this.

He could not wait to obtain that vaccine for research, but he was robbed at such a critical moment. How
could he not be frustrated?

Jones appeared outside the door at this exact moment. “Uncle.”

Adrian raised his head to look at him as Jones asked him happily. “I heard that you’ve developed a new

“From whom did you hear that?” Adrian frowned.

Jones was astonished and puzzled. “Didn’t you ask Sue to deliver the vaccine to the hospital? All the
reporters have their eyes fixed on this matter.”

At the hospital…

Nolan gradually regained consciousness after the doctor injected the new vaccine. Titus, Quincy, and
Wayion were standing by his bed.

Titus asked excitedly the moment he saw Nolan open his eyes, “Nolan, how do you feel?”

“I feel fine.” Nolan sat up slowly while Quincy supported him.

The doctor and Sue came in from outside the ward, and Sue stepped forward with a smile. “Mr.
Goldmann, the doctor said that the spreading of the virus in your body has slowed down. It seems that
the vaccine is really effective.”

Titus took a glance at the doctor, and the doctor nodded. “The vaccine that Mr. Goldmann got this time
has a very stable saturation. The spreading of the virus in Mr. Goldmann’s body has slowed down, and
the effect of the vaccine looks very promising.”

Titus laughed. “That’s great, Ms. Reynolds. You and Mr. Salazar have done a great job!”

“You’re flattering me, Elder Master Goldmann.” Sue smiled implicitly,

‘Sure enough, it’s the right decision to cooperate with Prince Roger. The vaccine really works.

‘Hmph, now that Grandpa values me more as the days go by, it’s just a matter of time for me to win
Nolan over.’

Wayion left the ward with Titus. He looked back at Sue coldly when he was at the door, broke free from
Titus’ hand, and left the scene.

Titus was startled. “You little brat, where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m going to find Mommy.” Wayion did not even look back.

Titus could not say anything, so he took a look at the bodyguards behind him, and the two bodyguards
caught up to Wayion immediately.

Quincy also left, leaving only Nolan and Sue in the ward. His gaze landed on Sue’s feet. “Are you
wearing high heels?”

Sue was taken aback and tucked the hair hovering over her cheeks behind her ears. “Yes, I haven’t
worn high heels in a very long time. I’ m still not very used to it.”

Nolan looked away, picked up the newspaper on the table, and asked, “Can you make snacks, Ms.


Seeing that he wanted to eat snacks, Sue was indulged in the marked attention that Nolan was giving
her. She did not even think about it before replying with a grin, “Yes, I can make some for you if you
want to eat snacks.”

She then left the ward.

Chapter 556

Nolan closed the newspaper as his eyes dimmed.

Quincy returned to the ward after Sue’s departure. “Mr. Goldmann, is that vaccine really working?”

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