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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 555

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Chapter 555

The person on the other side of the phone said something, and Sue replied, “Adrian has no intention of
helping Mr. Roger at all. I’m the only one who can help him. As long as I get my hands on Strix’s
vaccine and save Nolan, the public will be convinced that the vaccine actually works. It’s up to you
whether you’re willing to make the deal or not now.”

Alter Sue hung up the call, she left the corridor. At the same time. Saydie emerged through the
emergency exit and looked at the figure that walked into the ward with a cold face.

Maisie was sitting inside the car. She left the window hall-open and looked outside.

Alter Saydie came out of the hospital, she entered the car. Maisie asked, “She hasn’t let yet?”

“Not yet,” Saydie replied.

Maisie lowered her head. Although she knew that Nolan was just pretending to be interested in Sue to
give her the wrong impression she would have a chance, she felt Sue had stayed in the ward for too

Could it be that she refuses to leave? They are the only ones in the ward right now. If she can’t hold
herself and pounce on Nolan, will he be able to push her away in his weakened state?’

The more Maisie thought about it, the darker her face became.”

“Miss, Sue already knows Mr. Henry’s identity.”

Maisie was pulled back from her thoughts when she heard what Saydie said. “How did she learn that?”

“Sue was calling Roger’s people just now. She told him that she knows Mr. Henry is Strix, he already
has developed the new vaccine, and she wants the vaccine. It seems to me that something will happen

Maisie sank into thought. She didn’t expect to unearth such a scheme when she left Saydie behind.

It was only then the scale dropped before Maisie’s eyes. No wonder she would tell Titus that the
vaccine would arrive tomorrow. It turned out that she was going to snatch Strix’s vaccine.

The corner of Maisie’s lips curled up, and she said,” Since she wants the vaccine so much, I’ll give her
a chance.”

The following day, at the customs checkpoint…

A black-clad man holding a silver, white briefcase came out of the customs checkpoint and handed the
briefcase to three bodyguards standing in front of the car.

The bodyguards then got into the car with the briefcase, and the black car drove away slowly.

When the car was heading toward Adrian’s residence on the rural highway, they were stopped by
several cars.

A group of black-clad men walked up and forced their car to a halt. When they got out of the car, they
held them with guns on their heads in front of the car.

A man went forward and took the briefcase away. He opened up the briefcase, and he only closed it up
after seeing the green curved tube placed inside.

He returned to the car and handed the briefcase to Sue. “If you can help Prince Roger, he will reward
you handsomely.”

Sue took a look at the item inside the briefcase and smiled. “Don’t worry. It’s time to witness some

At the Easton Estate…

Saydie informed Maisie that Roger’s people had snatched the vaccine, and Sue took it and gave it to

Maisie put the cup down and said, “This has been bothering me for some time. She’s so eager to get
this opportunity to gain the Goldmanns’ trust. It seems to me that.”

Before she could finish her sentence, something suddenly flitted across her brain.

‘Why is this woman so eager to get the Goldmanns’ trust and even get close to Nolan?’

Initially, she had not thought much about Sue’s intention of getting close to Nolan, but now, her
intention seemed a bit obvious.

She was coming for the Goldmanns.

She was so eager to get the vaccine to save Nolan, and she had taken the bait after Nolan showed her
some affection.

Sue and Nolan did not know each other. There was no way a woman would do something like this for a
man she had just met.

Maisie grabbed the cup tightly as the cloud in her mind finally cleared. She laughed and said, “So it’s

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