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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 559

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Chapter 559

Adrian snorted. “Strix gave me that vaccine for research purposes. It can’t cure Nolan Goldmann as
he’s infected with a new type of sleeper virus, which has no incubation period.

“Plus, the vaccine I got from Strix is the one that was developed more than ten years ago, and it would
only be useful to people who are infected with the ordinary sleeper virus. You know nothing about the
virus nor the vaccine, and you have the guts to use it on him?”

Sue shuddered, and the people around them seemed to have frozen, and even half of their voices had

Adrian then looked at the group of reporters. “Why are we studying antibodies? The vaccine developed
by the Kents aimed to achieve an anti-cancer effect and improve human genes through the virus to
prevent certain diseases.

“It’s an idea that has a glorious objective, but unfortunately, the Kents had failed, causing the worst
catastrophe that the human population has ever faced back then. The things we study are the same as
those that the Kents studied at the very beginning. The only difference that separates us from the
Kents is that we’ll never use anyone for a human trial.”

Adrian turned to look at Sue upon saying that. “You’ve been following me and learning from me for

years, and you don’t even understand this?”

The reporters whispered to each other.

After the Kents’ virus research had been exposed, the public only thought of the disaster that took
place back then. Most of them even panicked, fearing that the catastrophe would happen again that

was why Nolan’s infection and the effect of the vaccine were of great importance to the public.

A reporter asked Strix. “Mr. Salazar, is that vaccine really useless to Mr. Goldmann?”

Strix shook his head.

A huge clamor rose amongst the reporters.

Nolan started coughing again, and he coughed very severely this time around.

Quincy supported him immediately.

However, blood could soon be seen spilling through the seams of his fingers.

The reporters were all frightened, and the guards on standby at the perimeter of the press conference
could only step forward to disperse them. “Stop taking pictures already! This is the end of today’s press

Sue froze in place. Her face looked as pale as paper as she looked at Nolan coughing up blood

“How could this be?’ “The side effects of that vaccine are severe! Take him to the hospital now!” Strix
said to Quincy anxiously.

Quincy nodded and supported Nolan while they left the scene with the others.

Strix left the scene too.

Adrian and Jones ignored Sue and caught up to them too.

In the hospital…

Nolan was sent to the Intensive Care Unit. No one else was allowed to enter except for Adrian and

After Titus learned about the situation from Quincy, he slumped on the bench. “How could this be…”

He trusted Sue so wholeheartedly that he had asked her to inject the vaccine into Nolan. Unexpectedly,
not only did the vaccine not work, but it even had powerful side effects.

I’ve brought harm to my own grandson!’

Sue hurried over but was stopped in the corridor, so she could only look at Titus and said, “Elder
Master Goldmann, I really didn’t means to harm Mr. Goldmann!

I only wanted to save him!”

“That’s enough!”

Titus was already in an irritable mood because he had been deceived, and Nolan had been admitted to
the Intensive Care Unit directly because he chose to believe in Sue’s words without any hesitation.

Looking at Sue now, he was even more piqued. “I trusted you so much, and this is what you do to us in
return? I’ll never let this slide if anything happens to my grandson. Now get out of my sight!”

Sue froze in place.

“How did things turn out like this?

Chapter 559

‘l obviously overheard the conversation between Strix and Adrian! I had a great chance of success as
long as I got my hands on that vaccine!

She felt powerless.

‘Where the hell did all things go south?’

Maisie appeared in the corridor with Wayion and Erwin. Sue was taken aback when she saw the silver
suitcase that Erwin was holding.

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