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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 558

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Chapter 558

“I’m the one who brought the vaccine and saved Nolan. Grandpa will only value me more now. As long
as Nolan and Grandpa are on my

side, I won’t have to be afraid even if Adrian comes through that door!’

Nolan, who had been sitting in the wheelchair, stood up slowly, and everyone present was shocked.

Everyone had heard that he was originally on the verge of death and could only rely on a wheelchair to
move around.

‘He can stand up now?

Could it be that the vaccine really works? Does it actually help a person who’s already dying recover so

Strix stopped before him while Nolan smiled and stretched out his hand. “It’s nice to see you, Mr.

‘Strix Salazar!?’

The reporters were all stunned.

“Mr. Henry is Strix Salazar?”

“Oh my God! This news is too explosive!”

Sue was dumbfounded, and her gaze was fixed on Nolan.

“How does he know that Mr. Henry is Strix!?’

Strix shook hands with Nolan. “I’ve heard a lot about you, Mr. Goldmann, and I’ve always wanted to
meet you. You truly are a young and talented man, no wonder Alice is so obsessed with you.”

Nolan turned to look at Sue with a smile on his lips.” Isn’t Mr. Salazar your teacher? Thank you so
much for arranging this meeting with your teacher.”

Sue’s face changed slightly, and all the cameras were aimed at her. She was Strix’s apprentice, and
she had used the vaccine to save Nolan-this had made her the other center of attention of tonight’s
press conference.

Strix took a look at Sue. “I’ve never accepted any apprentice. If you’re talking about an apprenticeship,
you should be my junior, Adrian Kestner’s apprentice, shouldn’t you?”

Strix’s words stunned all the reporters.

‘Isn’t she Strix’s apprentice?’

Sue clenched her hands tightly beside her, and her facial complexion could not help but turn pale. She
still did not understand why Strix would appear here?!

‘No, I can’t allow anyone to suspect me!’

She looked at Strix and said with a smile, “My teacher i s indeed Adrian Kestner, but he’s using your
name to force you into stepping forward. I could only play along with my teacher. Nowtake a look at
this, the huge name that had gone off the grid has finally reappeared.”

After saying so, she walked to Nolan’s side. “Mr. Goldmann, I’m sorry, I did hide the fact from you.
However, helping you has always been my teacher’s true intention. I’m also very glad now that he’s
able to help you.”

‘Nolan has at least recovered from the virus infection. No matter whether I’m Strix Salazar’s apprentice
or Adrian Kestner’s apprentice, at least this vaccine is useful to him.’

Sure enough, the reporters did not care whose apprentice she was-their focus was only on the results
of the vaccine.

Even though Adrian had used Strix’s name to force Strix to reappear, the vaccine was working, and
that was what mattered.

Unexpectedly, two people dashed in through the door in a hurry-Adrian and Jones. “Okay, it turns out
that it was you who worked with Prince Roger to steal my vaccine!” Adrian’s words

were directed at Sue as he stepped forward angrily.” Sue Reynolds, you’re my apprentice, and I trusted
you so much. How dare you betray me?”

“Teacher, why would I betray you? I only wanted to save Mr. Goldmann on your behalf. What’s more,
the vaccine that Mr. Goldmann used was given to you by Mr. Salazar. Now that Mr. Goldmann has
recovered, this is good news.”

Sue’s nails were on the brink of piercing into the palm of her hand, but she still sounded logical and

Adrian himself could not figure out a cure for Nolan, but Strix’s vaccine was useful. Thus, no matter
who she flattered tonight, the reporters had witnessed a medical miracle, proving that Strix’s vaccine
was effective.

Adrian did not seem to have expected Sue to say that. His expression gradually turned gloomy upon
thinking that she had betrayed him

Chapter 558

and conspired with Roger to snatch the vaccine away from him in order to win merit and honor in front
of the public.

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