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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 564

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Chapter 564

Nolan closed his eyes and scoffed. “What happens after we get a divorce?”

He opened his eyes while looking cold. “I should accept Sue?”

Titus paused. Even though Sue had snatched the vaccine from Strix, she had done that to save Nolan.
If they hadn’t switched the vaccines, Nolan wouldn’t be in such a dangerous predicament. Titus didn’t
fully trust Sue either, so he wouldn’t try to push them together. “Any woman other than Maisie would

Nolan smiled, but he looked more sinister. “It’s been three years, but you still like to interfere in my

Titus growled, “I’m your grandfather, and I’m doing this for your own good. Even if what happened three
years ago wasn’t her fault, without her, you wouldn’t have been infected and fallen into their trap!”

He knew that Maisie was innocent, but Nolan had almost lost his life ever since meeting her. He felt
sorry for Maisie about the accident, but they should never have been together.

They shouldn’t still be in contact after their divorce.

Nolan’s eyes were dark. After a moment, he grinned. “If it weren’t for Maisie, I might be dead already.
Why do

you think Strix would want to help me?”

Titus paused and didn’t say anything.

Nolan scoffed again. “You think they were manipulative, but without that, Sue would have gotten her
way, or maybe it would have been Roger?”

He leaned against the headboard. “Maybe my father was right. You never reflect on your decisions.
Like it or not, what happened to Maisie and me was all because of you.”

“What did you say, rascal?”

Titus looked pale, but Nolan closed his eyes and ignored him. All Titus could do was stare. After that,
he threw his hands up and left. Quincy saw Titus get out of the room looking upset and didn’t dare ask
him about it. He walked into the room. “Mr. Goldmann, Elder Master Goldmann…”

Nolan squinted and said in a deep voice, “Ignore him. The old man is just stubborn. He will regret it one

Sue was blocked by the bodyguards when she walked into the corridor. She was going to say
something when she saw Quincy exiting the room, so she immediately said, “Mr. Lawson.”

Quincy looked at her and walked over with no change i n expression. “You’re here?” “I’m here to see
Mr. Goldmann. How is he?” Sue looked worried, and it wasn’t an act.

Quincy sighed. “Mr. Goldmann hasn’t woken up yet. We don’t know if he will. He just might not.”

“Why?” Sue paused and held Quincy’s arm. “Can you let me see him? Even just for a moment,

Quincy looked awkward. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Sue begged him. “Please, Mr. Lawson, let me see him.”

Quincy didn’t block her and asked the bodyguards to let her in.

She quickly walked into the room. Her heart ached when she saw Nolan lying in bed.

She had never thought of taking Nolan’s life. She would never hurt him and just wanted him to love her,
even just for a moment.

It was all Maisie’s fault, for switching out the vaccine and putting him in this situation. That woman had
done this!

Sue slowly walked toward the bed, holding her fist. Her tightly pressed lips slowly parted. “No-Nolan…”

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