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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 568

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Chapter 568

Everyone in the ward gasped when they saw what had happened to Rowena.

Rowena was lying on the floor in a prostate position, twitching with pain. She raised her head, and
under her messy hair was her face that was filled with shock and tears. “Nolan… How could you do this
to me?”

Rowena couldn’t believe that Nolan was willing to do this to her. He had never done something like this
to her before, but at this moment , she saw nothing but ruthlessness, coldness, and mercilessness from
his face.

“This is just a light punishment considering what you’ve said,” Nolan said as he glared coldly at her. “I
would’ve killed you if I could do it now.”

‘Kill me?’

Rowena felt a pang in her heart, and it began to constrict violently. Then, she cried out in a frenzied
manner, “What’s wrong for me to call her a b*tch? Do you feel upset? Nolan, if it weren’t for my
grandfather back then, the Goldmanns wouldn’t be where you are today!”

Rowena got up from the floor awkwardly. Her eyes were bloodshot, and there was a manic grin on her
face. “Do you want to kill me? Then do it now! Kill me, right now and right here! I want to let everyone

that the Goldmanns are a bunch of ungrateful people!”

Nolan laughed coldly. “It might work on my grandfather, but unfortunately, it won’t work on me.”

Rowena trembled, and she stumped.

“I don’t care who you are. Since you’ve touched my bottom line, I’m not letting you get away so easily.”

Nolan turned his head away from her as he felt disgusted by the sight of her. “Quincy, get someone to
bring her away. Do whatever you want to her. No need to go easy on her.”

Due to his sister’s death and the things that Rowena had said, Quincy no longer had any compassion
for her, only disgust.

He waved his hand, and two bodyguards came into the ward. They took hold of Rowena, causing the
woman to scream madly, “Nolan, what are you doing? You can’t do this to me, you can’t!”

However, Nolan paid her no mind and allowed the two bodyguards to bring her away.

Maisie stood frozen stiff at the spot for a long while before turning her head to look at Nolan. He was
standing with his back facing her, but she could sense that he was enraged by the things Rowena had

She could more or less imagine what would happen to Rowena after falling into Nolan’s hands.

Her hands were drenched with the blood of so many people, and she deserved more than death.
However, could her death fill up the hole of hatred in her heart?

Had it not been for her and Daniel to stage that accident, her father, Cherie, and even her baby
wouldn’t have died in that accident.

She did not want Rowena dead. She wanted her to live as if she were dead.

“Zee,” Nolan called out to her, trying to pull her back to reality. Maisie raised her head and looked at

He stopped in front of her and stroked her cheek with his hand. “You can do whatever you want to do.”

Maisie was stunned. Then, she smiled. “Are you not worried that I might kill her?” –

Nolan chuckled and replied, “I know you won’t let her die so easily.”

Rowena was imprisoned in a dimly lit room. A few bodyguards were guarding the room outside, and
there was nothing in the room except for a bed.

Even the wall was made of wood, so she couldn’t kill herself even if she wanted to.

Maisie and Saydie arrived at the room. The bodyguard outside of the room nodded at her before
opening the door. They saw Rowena was sitting on the bed. She looked like a mess, and her eyes
were glassy.

When she heard the commotion at the door, she lifted her head to look at Maisie and scoffed coldly.
“Are you

here to laugh at me?”

Maisie walked into the room and said indifferently.” Nolan has given you to me.”

Rowena was stunned. She scrambled up from the bed agitatedly and asked, “What do you mean?”

“It means exactly what you hear.” Maisie walked to the side and took in the tiny empty room. “He told
me that I can do whatever I want to you.”

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