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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 569

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Chapter 569

Rowena froze. Suddenly, she cupped her head with her hands and laughed. “You’re here to get your
revenge, right, Maisie? You’re here to kill me, right? What can you achieve by killing me?”

She stared at her viciously and said, “If you kill me, will those people come back to life? Hahaha, do it
then! I won’t feel lonely when I have them with me in hell.”

Clenching her fist tightly, Maisie turned her head around and looked at her. “Who told you that you have
the right to go down there and be with them?”

“In other words, you can’t kill me,” Rowena said as she shrugged. There was a manic smile on her
face, and she continued in a haughty manner. “Playing some dirty tricks is all you can do. Even if you
hate me to the core, you can’t even kill me.”

Maisie smiled and said, “Why should I get my hands dirty because I hate you?”

As she walked closer to Rowena, she said, “Daniel has gotten what he deserves for everything he has
done. As for you, it will be a mercy if I kill you, and mercy is the last thing I want to give to you right

Rowena grabbed the collar of her shirt and growled,” What the hell do you want? Do you think you can
kill me?”

A bodyguard came forward and pulled Rowena away.

He pushed her, and she fell to the bed.

Maisie dusted her shirt that got messed up by Rowena. “Do you want to experience whatever torture
Nolan has been suffering for the past three years?”

“What do you want to do?” Rowena’s expression changed. Then, she saw Saydie come up to her with
a briefcase.

Two bodyguards came forward and pinned her on the bed. She tried to resist but to no avail. “Maisie,
are you going to inject the virus into me? You can’t do this to me! I want to see Nolan! I want to see
Grandpa!” she screamed.

A bodyguard lifted his hand and slapped her in the face, causing her head to turn sideways. Soon, a
red weal appeared on her cheek.

Maisie looked at her expressionlessly and said,” Sickness and pain are worse than death, especially
when one dies at a place where no one can find them.”

Rowena shook her head but could only make a whimpering, choking sound.

“Losing your freedom, suffering from illness, and dying alone is the best place for you to end up.”
Maisie laughed.

Two bodyguards pinned Rowena tightly on the bed and covered her mouth. Saydie opened the
briefcase and took out a syringe.

Rowena screamed and shouted in despair, but whimpers were all she managed to squeeze out of her
mouth. Tears began to fall from the corner of her eyes as Saydie injected half of the blue substance
into her bloodstream.

The bodyguards released her. Maisie glanced at her, turned around, and left.

“No, no! Don’t go! I want to see Nolan! I want to see Grandpa!”

Rowena scrambled up from the bed, but her legs gave way, and she fell to the ground. She tried to
make them turn their heads, but none of them did so. The door was closing up slowly until Rowena’s
cries of despair couldn’t be heard anymore.

Standing in the corridor, Maisie looked at the withered leaves that were blown down from the branches
by the wind in the distance. Perhaps this was how Rowena would end up spending her life.

Two days later, Stoslo’s Parliament Building restarted the presidential election. Those people who
supported Roger all had shifted toward Wesley.

While Wesley was receiving interviews from the media and press, he said, “I won’t let the people of
Stoslo experience the same pandemic that happened back then. No matter if it’s the government or the
royal family, they should never try to hide or spread fake. news about the pandemic. At the very least, I
won’t do that.”

Wesley had gained the support of most of the people, and even the netizens had liked the video of
Wesley’s interview. Of course, most of the netizens were happy that Stoslo was going to have its
youngest-ever president.

While the doctor was drawing blood from Nolan for a blood test, the television on the wall was showing
the news that Wesley had been elected as the president.

Maisie was standing at the side. After the doctor left with Nolan’s blood, she sat by the bed and asked
softly. “Have you been feeling

any better recently?”

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