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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 574

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Chapter 574

Maisie was in the middle of picking up the glass to drink some water, but this sentence almost made
her choke.

A smile gradually appeared on Madam Hathaway’s cold and stern face. “I don’t have any objection as
long as Nolan is satisfied with their marriage. My issue is with you.”

As the focus of the conversation changed, she stared a t Yorrick. “Your father has introduced you to all
the ladies and celebrities from all over the world, but you haven’t taken fancy to any of them, yet you
have the guts to mock others?”

Yorrick chuckled. “It’s just that I haven’t run into the right girl. Besides, Grandmother, why can’t I stay
single for the rest of my life whe you’ve never gotten married throughout your whole life?”

As soon as this was mentioned, the atmosphere in the dining room froze for a moment.

Maisie glanced at Madam Hathaway. Although she could not tell whether Madam Hathaway was
infuriated or gleeful, she caught a glimpse of the gloom that flashed across her eyes and disappeared
instantly like smoke.

“How long do you plan to stay in Stoslo, Grandmother?” Nolan changed the subject.

Madam Hathaway raised her gaze. “I’ll be here for a few days. I’m relieved to see that you’re alright.”
After the meal was over, Nolan and Maisie escorted Madam Hathaway to the door.

While standing in front of the car, Madam Hathaway turned to look at them. “Do send my regards to
your father when you guys go bac

to Zlokova.”

Nolan nodded.

When Madam Hathaway and Yorrick got into the car and left, Maisie watched as the car drove away
and raised her gaze to look at him “So the man who sent Roger money has always been helping you?”

He smiled. “Why didn’t you just call him that in his face?”

Maisie crossed her arms. “I’m not very close with him, and I would’ve offended him if I were to say so.”

Nolan put his arms around her. “According to your seniority in the family, you’re his elder cousin-in-law,
so he wouldn’t dare to say anything even if you were to offend him.”

“To everyone else, we’re a divorced couple, so whether I want to continue to stay with you depends on
my mood.” Maisie pushed his hand off her body and walked toward the car that Quincy drove over.

Nolan was helpless.

‘She has begun to hold a grudge against me now that

I’ve recovered, so I might as well not recover.’

There was only a yellow lamp beaming faintly on the wall in the dimly lit corridor.

A bodyguard carried some leftovers as he walked to a locked door and unlocked it as usual. Behind the
outer door was another locked iron door as if it was a cage opening.

Looking into the room through the iron door, Rowena was lying motionless on the bed. The room was
not ventilated, so the smell coming from inside was very unpleasant.

“Hey, get up and eat.” The bodyguard kicked the iron gate roughly, making a loud noise, but Rowena
did not move.

Seeing that she was not moving, the bodyguard wondered if something had happened to her. Thus, he
quickly took out the key and opened the iron door.

When the bodyguard approached the bed to check her out, Rowena suddenly stood up and pounced
onto him, pushing him to the ground. She then sank her teeth into his neck frantically. No matter how
the bodyguard pushed her away, he could not get her off his’ body.


While biting off a chunk of flesh from his neck, Rowena took the opportunity to grab his gun from him
and then shot him without hesitation.

Blood splattered onto her face.

Rowena stared at the man whose neck was a bloody mess and had gotten a headshot and giggled
hysterically. She then opened her bloody mouth, looking all creepy. “You want to lock me here for the
rest of my life? Keep dreaming! If you want me dead, I’ll definitely drag as many people as I can down
to hell with me!”

She then stood up and fled without looking back.

At the Easton Estate…



Chapter 574

Nolan and Strix were sitting in the study, playing chess. One looked graceful and charming while the
other looked reserved and two could be said to be evenly matched in terms of their temperament.

Strix moved his chess piece. “You shouldn’t have come to me just for a simple thank you, should you?”

Seeing that he had been exposed, Nolan responded steadily, “I actually came here to ask you about

Strix smiled. “Do you want to know how Zee has been in the past three years?”

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