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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 580

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Chapter 580

Maisie touched his head. “You’re just a 17-year-old kid now. What’s wrong with calling me Ms.

Nolan pushed her hand away. “But I’m a man too.”

“Are you considered a man at 17?”

Nolan was tongue-tied and turned his head away to avoid looking at her. “Why would I fall for you? Just
because you’re pretty?”

Maisie took her hand back and wasn’t angry, “Yes. You loved my beauty but kept bugging me, so I
married you.”

Nolan raised his brow and looked at her, “I’m such a shallow person?”

After saying that, he looked at that delicate and innocent face and didn’t say anything more. She was
indeed his type.

Maisie beamed, getting closer to his lips until they were an inch apart. They were so close their warm
breaths blended together. “I don’t know if you’re shallow, but all I know is that you love me a lot.”

Nolan stayed in the hospital for a week. The injury to his back had pretty much healed, but his memory

didn’t show any signs of improvement.

Maisie passed the binders that Quincy had prepared for him. There were a few of them, a record of
what had happened that his memory had not registered.

Not only did he have three children, but he also found out why his mother had died and that his
childhood friend Rowena had been the culprit behind all that. His marriage with Maisie existed, and
they had signed the papers three years ago.

A sharp pain shot through Nolan’s head. He closed the binder and put it aside. “Aren’t my children
already eight? Why did we only get married three years ago?”

Maisie peeled an orange while sitting next to him.” Nine years ago, some irresponsible man slept with
me, and I got pregnant and gave birth to the children alone overseas. Six years after that, that man
brought me back to the country by giving me a job as the designer for his sweetheart with a high salary
and threatened me because of his sweetheart.”

She peeled the oranges apart and put the slices in her mouth, only telling half-truths. “But that man was
pretty dumb because he didn’t know who he slept with. He wouldn’t leave me alone and started
suspecting his sweetheart. He then took a paternity test for my children.”

“I did all that?” Nolan looked at her with surprise, feeling that she had made that up.

Maisie raised her brow. “You got me pregnant before w

e were married. What do you think?”

Nolan was quiet.

Quincy brought a man through the door, and that man was none other than Yorrick Hathaway.

Maisie slowly stood up. “Mr. Hathaway.”

Yorrick tried not to smile. “My aunt asked me to come to visit Nolan. I heard he lost his memory?”

Maisie shrugged. “To a certain extent, it’s memory impairment. He only remembers what happened
before he was 17.”

“Oh?” Yorrick looked at Nolan and smiled. “If he’s only 17, wouldn’t he have forgotten about you?”

Nolan’s face dropped.

Maisie smiled. “As long as he’s fine.”

“You stay with him even when he cannot remember you. That’s so touching.” Yorrick ignored Nolan and
walked toward Maisie. “Have you thought of remarrying someone else?”

Maisie paused, obviously suspicious.

A pillow hit Yorrick’s body.

He caught the pillow and saw Nolan staring daggers at him. “Stay away from her.”

Yorrick smiled. “I thought you didn’t remember her?”

Nolan crossed his arms, looking cocky. “Even if I don’t remember her, she’s still my wife. You have no


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