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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 587

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Chapter 587

Daisie ran up to Nolan. “Daddy, has your illness been cured?”

Nolan was stunned, probably because he was not mentally prepared for the title “Daddy”. He was
petrified for a while.

Daisie tilted her head. “Daddy?”

Quincy brought Daisie aside immediately, leaned over, and looked at her. “Young Miss, your father had
an accident, and he doesn’t remember a lot of things up here.”


He pointed to his head.

Daisie blinked. “Are you saying that Daddy has gone dumb?”

The corners of Quincy’s lips twitched slightly,

Maisie walked to Daisie’s side, squatted down, and sorted her messy braids. “Your daddy’s memories
make him a 17-year-old teenager now, so he may not be able to remember us for the time being.“

Daisie and Colton exchanged glances and then looked at Nolan. Their eyes feared up as if they felt
sorrow over Nolan’s condition.

Nolan clenched his hand into a fist, placed it in front of his lips, cleared his throat, and then looked
away. “I’ll remember everything soon

Maisie got up and looked at him. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember. We don’t mind getting
another elder brother, do we?”

Daisie nodded. “Yes, it’s not a big deal if Daddy can’t remember anything. Daddy just won’t be our
Daddy anymore, but our brother instead. Not to mention that we still have a godfather!”

Nolan trembled with anger as his expression dimmed. “Who’s your godfather?”

“It’s Uncle Helios, the actor!”

The veins on Nolan’s forehead bulged. “Who is Helios?” ‘My children actually have a godfather?’

Daisie stopped talking.

‘This is bad! Daddy doesn’t even remember our godfather.’

Maisie asked the two children to get into the car first.

Nolan stepped forward. “I haven’t finished-”

As soon as Maisie turned around, the two of them were very close for an instant. And she happened to
look up while he lowered his head, so their faces were only inches away from each other.

Nolan lowered his eyes. His gaze shifted across the scarlet lips, and his jawline was taut.

Maisie raised the corners of her lips and gave off a grin. “Helios is your best friend. His full name is

Helios Boucher. Are you satisfied with this answer?”

Nolan was slightly astonished for a split second as he looked away from her face reluctantly. His
hoarse voice then sounded. “Helios got into showbiz?”

Maisie tucked her long hair that was draped in front of her face behind her ears. “Yes, he’s been
awarded as the best actor of the year more than anyone else in the industry, and he’s made a name for
himself in showbiz. Plus, he’s still single.” Nolan grabbed her wrist. “Are you implying that you’re

interested in him?” Maisie leaned closer to his ear, pulled his collar to tidy it up, and smirked. “So far,
not yet.”

Having said that, she turned around and got into the car.

Nolan’s heart skipped a beat as some images flashed across his mind. However, this happened too
fast, and the images were fragmented. He had no way to put them all together and restore the images.

At the Goldmann mansion…

Nicholas was wandering in the living room. He had received a call from Titus earlier today, saying that
Nolan and Maisie were returning to Zlokova today. He was looking forward to their arrival very much.

“Grandpa! Daddy and Mommy are back!” Daisie ran toward him.

Nicholas gave off a wide grin as he saw Maisie, Nolan, and Quincy enter the mansion together.

Nolan looked around the mansion and was impressed with the interior design. After all, this was where
he had grown up.

Nolan’s gaze was then fixed on his father’s face, and his creased brows relaxed. “Father, 1-”

Nicholas ignored him and walked toward Maisie. “Zee, you’re back.”

“Yes, Dad. Nolan and I are back.” Maisie nodded with a smile.

“That’s great. What happened three years ago was all the Goldmanns’ fault in the first place. I’m really
happy that you still chose to come back with this useless boy.”

Nolan frowned.

‘It’s something that happened three years ago again? Did I really divorce Maisie three years ago? But

No matter how hard Nolan thought about it, he could not remember the reason.

Could it be that I wronged her back then?’

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