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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 593

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Chapter 593

Nolan had not been handling the company’s affairs for the past three years. They had heard that he
was suffering from a serious illness and that he needed to recuperate. Since he had returned, did this
mean that he had recovered?

Nicholas closed the document and said, “Let’s adjourn the meeting.”

They nodded and went out of the office.

Sitting in the leather chair, Nicholas turned around to look at Nolan and asked, “Can I take this as
you’re ready to take over the company now?”

Nolan leaned on the couch, rested his arm on the edge of the couch, and replied, “I’ve read all the
documents, and I’ve memorized everything I need to remember. I think I’m ready.”

Nicholas rose to his feet slowly. “Alright, then. I won’t stop you if you insist. However, a lot of things
have changed, and the company isn ‘t the same as when you first took over. If you have any questions,
you can always ask Quincy.”

He had been 16 years old when he took over Blackgold. He had learned how to manage the company
while he attended school.

Although Nolan had lost most of his memories, he still had the experience. Besides, he had Quincy to

him, so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to get used to it in a short time.

That being said, Nicholas still hoped that he could regain his memory as soon as possible.

Nicholas headed out of the door and said something to Quincy before leaving. After Quincy saw him
off, he turned around and went back into the office. “Mr.

Goldmann, are you going to take over the company now?”

“Yeah,” Nolan replied as he lowered his head. “I want to see if the Blackgold Group can bring back any

He got up and walked over to his desk. He ran his fingertips across the desktop. glanced at the books
displayed on the shelves, and sat down on the leather chair.

Quincy walked forward and asked, “Do you want me to show you around the company, Mr. Goldmann?
See if it’ll remind you of something?”

Nolan lifted his head to look at him. “Do you think I’ll get lost in the company?”

He had just lost his memory, not turned stupid.

Quincy let out a smile, but he did not say anything.

At the Lucas mansion…

Larissa studied the ring in her hand. She knew who this ring belonged to-it was her father’s,
Hernandez. He would wear this ring wherever he went.

She returned the ring to Maisie and said, “Since your grandfather gave it to you, you should keep it.”

Maisie was stunned for a moment before she took over the thing. Larissa’s face was gloomy. “I didn’t
expect something like this would happen to your grandfather. I didn’t even get a chance to see him for
one last time.”

“I didn’t get to see him either. Although I held a funeral for him, the coffin is empty. Honestly, I still can’t
believe that he’s dead.”

They couldn’t find him when he was alive, and they couldn’t retrieve his body after he was dead. He
couldn’t even come back to his own home.

Larissa held her hand and said, “The past is in the past. The Kents are gone. Zee, we have to keep
moving forward.”

Maisie knew what Larissa was trying to say.

Her father, Cherie, and the baby in her womb were dead, but she was still alive and needed to keep
moving forward.

Ryleigh and Louis sat in the living room while waiting for Maisie. Louis took a sip of coffee, darted a
glance at Ryleigh, and said, “It has been two months. Seems like you’re tougher than I thought.”

“Why? Do you want me to apologize for kicking you? Fat chance!” Ryleigh harrumphed and turned her
head around.

Louis put the cup down and continued. “It’s fine. We’re getting married, anyway. It will be too late if you
want to apologize at that time.”

“Oh gosh…” Ryleigh suddenly remembered something and covered her head fretfully. “I’ve forgotten
about that…”

Louis chuckled and said, “If you say sorry to me now. I will let you off the hook this time.” Unfortunately,
Ryleigh paid him no mind. She said,” How could I forget about something like this? No way.

Chapter 593

I must stop this nightmare from happening.”

She shot up to her feet.

Louis knew what she wanted to do and laughed coldly, “What would Mr. Hill think if you tell my mom
that you want to cancel the marriage?”

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