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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 600

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Chapter 600

Maisie forced a smile. “It seems that I might have to rise from the dead.”

She then grabbed her handbag and got up.

Ryleigh stared at her. “Are you heading back already?”

“Those people will come to my house and snatch the crown from the queen’s head if I choose not to go
back now.” Maisie left without looking back.

Ryleigh waved at her. “All hail the queen!”

At Blackgold… Maisie and Saydie passed by the front desk. When the receptionists who were chatting
at the front desk noticed two silhouettes passing by, they raised their heads one after another. The two
figures had headed toward the elevator, and the long-haired woman looked quite familiar, but they
could not remember where they had seen her before this.

“Does that woman look familiar to you?”

“That’s weird. Who gave them the courage to use the elevator that’s dedicated to Mr. Goldmann?”

“Holy sh*t!”

When the two receptionists noticed something, they immediately trotted toward her.

Maisie was about to step into the elevator when one arm hurriedly grabbed her from behind.

“Ma’am!” The female receptionist was panting a little but still had a professional smile on her face. “I’m
sorry, but this elevator is dedicated only to Mr. Goldmann, which means you’re not allowed to use it.”

“Oh really?” Maisie did not take off her sunglasses but only took a glance at them and then asked
casually,” Can’t I use this elevator?”

The two receptionists looked at each other as they were secretly scrutinizing Maisie’s attire. They also
realized that the woman standing next to the longhaired woman looked like someone they should not
trifle with. Thus, they did not dare to act tough.

“Mr. Goldmann’s dedicated elevator isn’t meant to be used by anyone other than himself. This will
make our lives very difficult if someone finds out that we’ve allowed you to use it.”

‘Mr. Goldmann has just returned and taken over the company again, and now, a woman appears out of
nowhere, looking for Mr. Goldmann. She even dares to take the elevator that’s dedicated to Mr.
Goldmann and Mr. Goldmann only…’

Maisie chuckled. “Don’t worry, Nolan won’t blame you for this.”

When the two receptionists heard Maisie addressing Nolan by his first name, they instantly realized she
was surely a big gun too.

Maisie never took off her sunglasses but stepped into the elevator with Saydie. This elevator could only
ascend directly to the administration department.

Maisie and Saydie came out of the elevator. All the employees working in the administration
department were busy, and they hardly realized their existence.

Maisie was walking toward Nolan’s office when Quincy happened to come out of the room, and his
expression changed slightly. “Ms. Vanderbilt?”

Maisie stared at him suspiciously, and then a man’s laughter came from Nolan’s office. “Mr. Goldmann,
how could you forget Zee? The two of you have even dated before.”

A woman’s euphemistic voice then sounded before Nolan could respond. “Dad, that’s all in the past
already. Nolan definitely doesn’t remember me now.”

Nolan intertwined his fingers and placed his hands in front of his thin lips while his eyes looked
unfathomable. “What did you say your daughter’s name is?”

“Maizie. You might have forgotten about it, but you two indeed had been together in the past.” Mr.

Hannigan gently pushed Maizie with his hand that was placed on her shoulder, motioning her to do

Maizie picked the teacup up, got up, and walked toward Nolan. “Nole, it doesn’t matter if you’ve
forgotten about me. I’ll remind you.”

She sat beside Nolan, but he moved away from her, obviously unwilling to let her get any closer.

His thin lips moved slightly. “As I recall, I don’t know any Maizie Hannigan.”

Maizie was slightly embarrassed.


Luupili uvu

Mr. Hannigan felt the same too.

‘It’s said that his deceased wife’s name was Maisie, homophone to the name of my daughter. It’s
rumored that he’s lost his memory, so how could he still remember things like this?’

“Nolan, I’m Zee.” Maizie could not wait to stick herself onto Nolan’s body, but when she was inches
away from being able to touch Nolan, the office’s door was suddenly pushed open.

Quincy stood outside the door, wiping the tip of his nose.

‘Mr. Hannigan knows that Mr. Goldmann has lost his memory, so he brought his daughter here to take
advantage of Mr. Goldmann’s condition. However, what he doesn’t know is that Mr. Goldmann’s wife is
still alive and kicking.’

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