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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 598

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Chapter 598

Many Blackgold employees were discussing the news.

“It’s said that Mr. Goldmann left Blackgold three years ago because he was gravely ill. I wonder what
kind of illness he has. It’s so serious that he even lost his memory.”

“No wonder I heard that Mr. Goldmann was late at the meeting yesterday afternoon because he went to
the wrong meeting room. And it was a cleaner who showed him the way.”

A female employee who was putting on makeup in front of the mirror looked at them. “The conference
room that Mr. Goldmann went to was converted into a reception room a few years ago, and Mr.
Goldmann was the one who ordered the change back then.”

‘He can’t even remember the conference room that he gave the order to change. Did he lose his
memory, or has he lost his soul?’

Another female employee sighed. “His wife ran into a n accident three years ago, he lost his wife and
became seriously ill, and has now lost his memory. Nothing worse could happen to anyone else

At the administrative office…

Nolan flung a magazine under the desk backhandedly and lifted his hand to cover his forehead, the
veins on the back of his hand throbbing. “What do they mean b

y losing my wife?”

Quincy had no choice but to pick up the magazine.

“What Mr. Goldmann cares about is the statement of him losing his wife?’

“Mr. Goldmann, that doesn’t seem to be the point…”

“They’re cursing my wife.” Nolan tapped the desk with a gloomy expression. “Isn’t that still not the

Quincy hesitated before he wanted to speak up, but the door of the office was pushed open at that
moment, and Nicholas walked in with a golden cane.” Didn’t I ask Quincy to bring you around the
company to get acquainted with our internal structure yesterday? And you’re giving me such news

Nolan leaned against the back of his seat, fidgeting the pen in his hand but did not speak. Nicholas
said in a deep voice, “I told you that Blackgold isn’t the company that you knew when you first took
over. You should get to know Blackgold if you don’t remember anything about it, starting from the
basics. Do you know how many proposals and contracts have been sent to the company ever since the
news came out?”

Nolan frowned, and his eyes dimmed.

Quincy wanted to report this to Nolan, but he never had a chance to speak up.

“Six companies have sent contracts to us, two of which were once Blackgold’s rivals, and one of them
is on the verge of going bankrupt . They’re just trying to take advantage of your memory loss to fool you
into doing charity.”

Nolan laughed angrily. “So they’re taking me as a fool now?”

Nicholas turned his head to Quincy and ordered, “Get someone to suppress the news and return those
contracts to where they came from.”

Quincy nodded and left.

Nicholas walked to the desk and said earnestly, “Don’t let the news affect your judgment, Nolan.”

Even if he did not finish his sentence, he had already expressed everything that he wanted to say.
Even though Nolan had lost his memory, he was still the one and only Nolan Goldmann. He would be
able to secure his position as the Nolan Goldmann of Bassburgh, just like how he had stabilized his
position in the city back then.

The news was soon suppressed, but Nolan was still a hotly discussed figure.

Maisie was sitting in the cafe in her sunglasses and waiting for someone else when she heard a lot of
people talking about Nolan.

Nolan Goldmann of Bassburgh, who always had the power to turn the whole city upside-down with only
a snap of his fingers, had been exposed to be suffering from amnesia. As a result, many people started
making plans to take advantage of his condition to make a move on him.

People who had never had the chance to collaborate with the Goldmanns wanted to take this
opportunity to curry favor with the family and had sent in a lot of proposals to the Blackgold Group.

Rather than intending to form a mutual collaboration relationship, it was more appropriate to say that
they wanted to make a fool out of the amnesiac multimillionaire to see whether he was willing to lend
them a helping hand to relieve them from their financial fix.

Chapter 598

Maisie took a sip of coffee, and the corners of her lips twitched as a tall figure slowly approached her

‘Nolan may be suffering from amnesia, but he’s not a fool.’

Louis grabbed a seat and sat down, and then the waiter stepped forward to get his order.

Louis ordered a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain and waited for the waiter to leave before saying, “Has
Ryleigh come to you with tons of complaints?”

Maisie removed her sunglasses and placed them on the table, next to her hands. “You bullied her and
have also caused her to lose her job. So, why can’t she badmouth you?”

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