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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 603

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Chapter 603

Maisie burst into laughter ‘Yes, he cheated on me He cheated on me with me

Ayleigh was quiet for a few seconds “Oh so it’s you What were you two doing at that time?”

What else could I do Maisie stopped writing and raised her gaze “Everyone in Bassburgh knows that
he has divorced me, so if I were to reveal my identity to the public swaggeringly while Nolan is still
suffering from amnesia, he’d have to face the media while he can’t remember a thing. How
troublesome would that be?

Ayleigh clicked her tongue and said, “Why do you care so much about your amnesiac husband’s
feelings now?”

Maisie did not say much but instead asked, I wonder where did you get this gossip? It hasn’t even
appeared on the news or the Internet, yet you’ve already heard about it.”

7 was added into a celebrities WhatsApp group chat by some of my friends a while back. They were
gossiping about this, and I’ve been reading their messages without responding to any of them.”

After saying so, Ryleigh remembered something and added, “By the way, Pearl Santiago is in the
group too.”

Pearl Santiago was a name that Maisie was relatively familiar with. She was the lady who had joined
forces with Willow to set up Maisie back then but had gotten the short end of the stick due to Maisie’s

It was said that the Santiagos had sent Pearl abroad for a series of psychotherapies after that incident.

And Pearl had returned to Zlokova now that the heat of that incident had subsided.

Ryleigh told Maisie that Pearl had only returned to Zlokova last year. Apart from that, she had lost the
arrogance and dominance that she exuded back then and had become someone more mature and
low-key after that incident

After all she was the victim of that incident, and no one in the circle would rub salt into her wound so
casually. They would be more inclined to pity her for her previous experience.

“By the way, Pearl got engaged to the Hannigans last month.”

Maisie frowned. The Hannigans?

Ryleigh replied, “Yes, the family has a hotel chain business empire. Mr. Hannigan has a son and a
daughter. Oh yeah, you’ve met his son before this, but I m not sure whether you have any impression
of him. He’s a close friend of my cousin and that b*stard Louis Lucas. His name is Tanner Hannigan,”

Tanner was the son that Mr. Hannigan had with his ex-wife, while Maizie was the daughter that Mr.

Hannigan had with his current wife and Tanner’s younger half-sister.

It was rumored that Tanner was not very close to his sister and he rarely mentioned his sister to
outsiders in the circle. Their relationship was only made known later on when Mr. Hannigan announced
it to the public, and that was when the public learned about them.

Tanner had never wanted to inherit his father’s business empire, and his relationship with his father
was never close. That was also why he always acted as if he was loafing around like an idle man
whenever Mr. Hannigan was present. Mr. Hannigan had arranged the marriage between Tanner and

In the past the Santiagos had always been disdainful of the Hannigans. After all, the Santiagos were
involved in a wider and more prestigious circle when compared to the Hannigans. However, things

were different now because everyone in Bassburgh knew about Pearl’s incident from back then.

Some families might show that they did not mind that incident on the surface, but deep down, they
thought otherwise

Thus, the Santiagos were not in the position to be picky when the Hannigans were willing to propose

in the evening, when all the department employees had already left work, Maisie was still
manufacturing custom-made jewelry in the workshop located in her office

She put on non-marking gloves and took out the diamonds that had been cut from a brocade box,
selected them meticulously under a shadowless lamp. and polished them with a machine

A tal figure appeared outside the door Seeing that she was concentrating on her work, he leaned
against the wall with his arms crossed in front of his chest as he could not bear to disturb her

The sky outside the window got darker and darker as time went by, and the entire floor and the end of
the corridor were silently engulfed by darkness,

The light and shadow in the office were projected out of the room through the cracks of the door and
the windows’ shutters, beaming rays of bright Tigeht into the silent and dark corridor

When Maisie finished inlaying the jewelry, she stretched her waist and picked up her phone, only to see
that it was already 8 00p.m

She packed her things in a hurry, turned off the lights, gol up, walked out of the workshop, and was
surprised to see Nolan sitting on the couch with his eyes closed

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