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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 609

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Chapter 609

Maisie didn’t say anything Not long after their call ended, Quincy sent a photo to her.

The picture was exactly as Ryleigh had described.

Nolan and Maizie were having lunch, and the picture was deliberately taken from an angle that made
them look intimate.

Maisie scoffed. Had Nolan gotten Quincy to send this to her? Did he want to make her jealous?

Quincy waited for a long time for Maisie’s reply, and he started panicking. ‘Is Ms. Vanderbilt going to
start ignoring Mr. Goldmann?’

Quincy had been concerned when Maizie approached Nolan at the office before that

He immediately walked over to Nolan and bent down to say something into his ear. Nolan’s hand
tightened around the wine glass, and his face dropped

Maizie was sitting across from him, enjoying a steak and wine. She smiled and put down the wine
glass.” What’s wrong, Nole?”

Nolan placed his glass on the table, wiped the corner of his lips with a napkin, and said, “I need to go.”

He stood up and was about to leave when Maizie stood up. “Nole, didn’t you promise to finish the meal
with me?”

“I’ve suddenly lost my appetite.” Nolan looked at her coldly and walked away in strides.

Maizie stood in the spot and bit her lip. She had finally been able to get Nolan out for lunch, but why did
he suddenly leave halfway through?

She was confident in her looks. Every rich heir in their circle loved how innocent she looked.

Maizie might not have had a chance in the past because Nolan had already had a wife. He wouldn’t
even look at other women, but he had divorced that woman, and she had long passed away. Now that
he had even lost his memories, it was the best time to take action. How could he… ignore her?

Recalling that she hadn’t found the identity of that woman from before, she started feeling anxious.

No, she couldn’t just give up! Everyone knew that Mr. Goldmann was famous for pampering his wife.
Once he fell in love, he wouldn’t care about any other woman.

If this beautiful and loyal man belonged to her, he would probably pluck the stars and the moon out of
the sky if she wanted them.

Nolan got Quincy to drive him to Soul Jewelry

Quincy could guess that after so many days of being ‘ignored’ by Maisie, Nolan wouldn’t be able to
hold it in any longer.

Maisie’s ‘cruelty’ was definitely working. She hadn’t tried to make up or reach out first, just to keep him

Nolan walked toward Maisie’s office and closed the door behind him when he walked in.

Maisie put down her design papers. She was about to turn around when she was hoisted onto the
desk, and her lips were sealed when she tried to speak.

Nolan’s kiss was burning and fierce, and thick air surrounded her as if she was being swallowed alive.

Maisie was almost out of breath as his mountainous body pressed against hers. She couldn’t push him
away until she was out of oxygen and fell into his arms in a daze.

Nolan released his grip, his quick and warm breath blowing on her blushing cheeks. He put his head on
her shoulder and hugged her. “Are you really done with me, Zee?”

Nolan didn’t want to see her being indifferent about him. He had promised to have lunch with Maizie
because he wanted to make Maisie jealous so that she would reach out to him. However, he just
couldn’t wait for her to take the first step anymore and was even worried that she would leave him

Nolan may have lost his memories, but in his heart, he was worried that she would leave him, like how
it had happened before.

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